War flag(TV)[2012]
War flag(TV)[2012]

《War flag》Ep1:episode 1

Gui JingYiLang led troops in the canyon and found someone deliberately let go of the smoke, he heard from the explosions was the Eighth Route Army in front of ambush, he sent cavalry paranoia was also stopped, Gui JingYiLang retreat, this battle is Dai JinHua She is the sister of Lao Dai, an underground party member, and the leader of the anti-Japanese company. Little study, forced to livelihood has been sold as a child-daughter, stubborn Jinhua with the help of old Dai resist his own destiny, to join the ranks of the anti-Japanese team. Accurate gun law, bold and crude character makes her a team leader, lack of foresight and work impulsive let her tasted bitter. Special war squad leader Jin Ge was born in Dongan city Dafu House, graduated from the United States military academy of California, flexible, capable. As a Kuomintang soldier, cherish a sincere attitude to serve the motherland, but in the face of the Kuomintang's non-resistance policy, sincere can only turn into anger. Jin Ge led his troops climbed the cliff to the rear of the Japanese Artillery positions, they took advantage of the Japanese military began to operate, the artillery positions occupied by them began to artillery Japanese gun at the fastest speed shot, Gui JingYiLang saw very angry, Jin Ge wants to hit the Japanese flag with the last round of shells and they blow up the shells after they hit it. Liu WenTing Big Brother Liu Jin Yu is very anxious, the wedding is not found in the groom Jin Ge, Dai JinHua found in the courtyard of Jin Ge Japanese masked man behind the shot, Liu Jin Yu went out to handle the Japanese body found no one Jin, Jin Ge mother to save Liu WenTing when the Japanese knife, the above toxic, sometimes difficult to cure. When Jin Ge came to inspect the artillery positions, he found Jin Ge and others moving from the cliff. Jin Ge received the commendation from the headquarters. He attacked Mt. Melon without asking the head of the unit. Jin Ge invited special warfare brigade members to celebrate, but also received their fellow labor supplies. Liu WenTing went to the army to visit Jin Ge. Jin Ge picked up her in front of the soldiers and told Jin Ge what happened to her at home. Xiao BaiChuan, head of the delegation, agreed to let Jin Ge go home with Liu WenTing. Jin Ge was very happy to meet his mom at home after he shot and killed a Japanese man that night. She drank a lot of ginseng soup and deliberately kept Jin Ge from worrying about it. Jin Ge returns home and gives a good farewell to her ancestors. Jin Mu paid a tribute to her ancestors. She hoped that Jin Ge and Liu WenTing could do the wedding as soon as possible. Both of them believed they were happy and Jin Ge believed Can live with her life, he helped her wear a watch. Xiao BaiChuan secret to Gui JingYiLang power apology, he wanted to seize Jin Ge, the Japanese also dispatched an aviation unit to help Gui JingYiLang Dong An attack.

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