Red Sorghum(TV)[2014]
Red Sorghum(TV)[2014]
Red Sorghum(TV)[2014]

Red Sorghum(TV)[2014]

Episode: 60 Area: Shandong Satellite TV Media Co., Ltd.
Stars: Xun Zhou Yawen Zhu Huang Xuan More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xiaolong Zheng Year: 2014
Writer: Dongling Zhao Guan Xiaoxiao Pan farming Xiangdong Gong Genre: Modern legend

《Red Sorghum》Episodes

Ji'er and Yu ZhanAo make-up According to the early 1930s, bandit gangs were crowded in Gaomi in Shandong Province. Northeast Township homeowners 19-year-old daughter of nine children, was the father of money for the leprosy winery main son Dan BianLang, Kung Wu powerful leader Yu ZhanAo like nine children, killed a single father and son, nine children and Yu ZhanAo started a love that was not recognized by the villagers and had two children. With the help of the wine master Luo Han and others, Jiur gradually grew from a simple girl into a skilled Sorghum shopkeeper, rejuvenating a single wine shop. Yu ZhanAo led the brothers to form their own armed forces, dealing with the local government, the bandits Hua BoZi and the iron plate and other forces between. The outbreak of the Seventy-Seven incident and the Japanese occupation of Shandong have shattered the prosperity of the past in Gaomi County. Before the nationalist cause, Yu ZhanAo and all quarters of the party stopped the dispute and jointly resisted Japan. When the internal and external disturbances came into being, nine children led the troops and led the Japanese devils to the sorghum. They ignited the sorghum and died off with the enemy. Using their own lives to write love and conquest, ambition and will in this thriving Shandong Gaomi land legend.

Plot Summary>>

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