Drunk exquisite(TV)[2017]
Drunk exquisite(TV)[2017]

《Drunk exquisite》Cast

Feng QingChen Shishi Liu Play)

Feng QingChen is the holy witch of the witch clan. She seems weak, but in reality she is strong, sly and clever, full of resilience and a sense of resistance to self and destiny, mature and independent. When Feng QingChen met Yuan Ling, a loved one, but because of the royal struggle can not be together, and many innocent people died, so she turned nine-turn exquisite array, in the second space-time is determined to change everything. [9]

Shishi Liu

Liu Shishi (Chinese: 刘诗诗, born 10 March 1987), also known as Cecilia Liu, is a popular Chinese actress who graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a major in ballet. She is best known for her role as Ruoxi in the Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart.

Yuan Ling William Chan Play)

Yuan Ling is the four princes of the Western Wei Dynasty, Genghis Khan commander, known as the god of war. He is full of wolf, deep thought, forbearance, everything has strong control and tolerance. Seemingly indifferent feelings, the actual situation deep meaning, adhere to their own way to protect everything.

William Chan

William Chan Wai-ting (simplified Chinese: 陈伟霆; traditional Chinese: 陳偉霆; pinyin: Chén Wěitíng), born 21 November 1985) is a Hong Kong singer and actor. In 2003, he participated in New Talent Singing Awards and won several awards. He was then signed under Emperor Entertainment Group. He began his singing career by joining Cantopop group Sun Boy'z in 2006 and left the group in 2008 to pursue a solo career, releasing his debut solo album in the same year. Since then, he has released a total of 7 albums and 6 singles.

Yuan Zhan Joe Play)

Yuan Zhan is the seven princes of Wei State, whose gentle and gentle people, calm and wise, just like the spring breeze. However, he should be romantic, but had to get involved in the royal struggle, in the family, love, brotherhood test of life and death, make a difficult choice. [10]


Xu Haiqiao (simplified Chinese: 徐海乔; traditional Chinese: 徐海喬; pinyin: Xú Hǎiqiáo, born 17 April 1983), also known as Joe Xu, is a Chinese actor. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy. He is best known for his roles in television series The Dream Of Red Mansions, The Journey of Flower, Revive, Detective Samoyeds and Lost Love in Times.

Tao Yao Cecilia Han Play)

Tao Yao is a clan elder, and Xi Xie love each other, work together to raise up Feng QingChen, and cultivate them into Witch successor. In addition, the heart of the world has always been the world, in order to peace and prosperity of the world people live and work, people inherit the beloved people's behest, willing to sacrifice a small love, the achievements of love. [11]

Cecilia Han

Han Xue (born 11 January 1983), also known as Cecilia Han, is a Chinese singer and actress of Miao ethnicity.

More《Drunk exquisite》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Maggie Wong Duo Xia Duo Xia is a princess of the Achazu, beautiful flowers, Tianzi smart. Like dancing sword, good riding and shooting, although the daughter body, but tough tough, do not lose his eyebrows, have their own opinions. In order to help the A-Chai from the Belarussian attack, Duo Xia came to Wei at the invitation of Wei and his relatives and at first sight of Yuan Ling, hoping to marry Yuan Ling on an emotional basis. [12]
Yijun Liu Tian Di No introduction
Yijun Liu Yuan An Yuan An killed his brother, became the Western Wei Tian Di. The deep-seated motives, dictatorialism, just for personal use and suspicion, treat children exceptionally harsh. He has 12 sons under his knees and is more eccentric toward his elder son, Yuan Hao. [13]
Dong Han Xi Xie Xi Xie is the clan elder, and Tao Yao love each other, but because of the rules of departure days, the two will be the feelings of the bottom of my heart. In the first space and time, Xi Xie, the master of Feng Qing Chen, hoped to ensure the safety of her, but she could not escape her fate. In the second space, he was trapped by Ding Shui. [14]
Li Zeng Lian Fei Lian Fei is the mother of Yuan Ling, the imperial concubine of Emperor Tian Di. The three individuals appear to be a family on the surface, but they are surging in turmoil behind them. After several dynasties, Lian Fei knew very well about the tide of the deep palace. [15]
Li Zeng Lian GuiFei No introduction
Chengyuan Li Jin Fei Jin Fei is Yuan Zhan's side princess, gentle and generous, sensible. Jin Fei loves Yuan Zhan and silently pays her. Yuan Zhan, though she does not love her, values ​​her. When Jin Fei saw Yuan Zhan's feelings about Feng QingChen, Yin Zhan privately helped Yuan Zhan to ask Feng QingChen for her right princess Yuan Zhan.
Chengyuan Li Jin Hui No introduction
Ye Cheng Zheng Ling LongShi Ling LongShi is the guardian of nine turnaround array. Feng QingChen nine turn in the first space-time Delicate array, encountered in the array Ling LongShi. Ling LongShi chases her to the second space time, turns himself into twelve princes.
Yiqing Gao Yuan Hao Yuan Hao is the prince of Wei, much loved by his father. Yuan Hao to his brother in good faith, fly Fei wholeheartedly, met at the beginning that she is the only friend in this life. When he learned that he had his own flesh and blood in his belly, Yuan Hao decided to give up his position in the Orient House and to stay away from it in order to protect his flight and the safety of the fetus in his abdomen. Addicted to love between landscape painting and calligraphy, bent on wanting to stay away from the hall is non-combat. [16]
Simon Yuan Che Yuan Che is the eleventh prince of Wei. Yuan Che accompanied his brother, Yuan Ling, on several occasions to battle the battlefield, bloody killing all show heroic style, but also often to Yuan Ling to resolve the crisis. In the face of the little adorable "Little Witch" Yin CaiQian, reveal the soft and warm side. Nonetheless, mining Qian because of the worship of the four brother determined to marry the brother, making Yuan Che tangled not show true. Until the help of the emperor brother, mining Qian and eleven revealed their true together. [17]
Jang Hyuk Yuan Ming Yuan Ming is the nine princes of Wei, Yin Yin evil charm, hidden ambitions. Good at easy to surgery, very close to the third brother Yuan Ji. Yuan Ming is deeply fond of Fenghuang Dance. Because of her death, Yuan Ming became the head of the Dark Witch Organization. She also investigated the death of Xian Wu and wanted to become Emperor Wei of the Wei Kingdom. [17]
Chen Ji Yuan Ji Yuan Ji, the three princes of Wei, asks with pure heartlessness. Although Yuan Ji has always said that he has no interest in children's affair, he is deeply in love. Because he was not favored from an early age, Yuan Ji always looked at his face. Fortunately, there was a long-time companion played by his younger brother, and Yuan Ji felt that somebody cares about him. When he discovered that the plot of the younger brother still chose to unconditionally tolerate and support him, he did not hesitate to betray all the people just to protect him thoroughly. [18]
Jiawei Xu Yuan Li Yuan Li is the twelfth prince of Wei and his brother, compatriot with the compatriot of the Eleventh Emperor Yuan Che, who is actually Ling Long Shih. He traced Feng Qing Chen, in the process, had an affair with Ming Yan, the great clan of Ming clan. [19]
Jingmei Tang Wu PingTing Wu PingTing looks frosty, but people are vicious, the means is quite fierce, murderous bloodthirsty, never tolerate, leaving no margin. No matter in which space and time, she belonged to Tian Wu Drunken Square dark witch pulse, has an extraordinary dark witch power, loyalty, vow allegiance to the dark witch, always as Qing dust as rife, and to create a A variety of life and death crisis. [20]
Yinglun Liu Feng LuanFei Feng LuanFei is a phoenix monarch, lively and lovely, innocent simple. Like Yuan Ming, by its use to lure Yuan Hao elopement in order to achieve the purpose of dethroning princes for the throne. Feng LuanFei know Yuan Hao affectionate, very guilty of him, and Yuan Ming only sister sister-in-law, how they can not get him a glimmer of concern, and ultimately, Feng LuanFei chose to commit suicide. [twenty one]
Xu Mu Chan Yin CaiQian Yin CaiQian is a cousin of the seven prince Yuan Zhan, much loved by her family and heroes. Since childhood, Qian Qian loves the four prince Yuan Ling, and has always turned a blind eye to Yuan Che who lives in the world. After the unsuccessful election of Yuan Ling, Cai Qian found under Yuan Zhan and Yuan Che's "trick" that she had already had a different feeling towards Yuan Che. [twenty two]
Mary Ming Yan Ming Yan is a witch master sisters. Due to the witch being framed, the witch had to act secretly. Ming Yan plays men's guard on weekdays, protects twelve His Royal Highness, Li Yuan, and at the same time fully supports Feng Qing Chen to wipe the witch's innocence. [twenty three]
Fangyuan Mao Xiao Xu No introduction
Hang Su Zhang Shu No introduction
Xu Jian Mu KeSha No introduction
Yang Tao song Li Lin No introduction
Fang Xiaoli Yin GuiFei No introduction
Tianqi Bao Ding Shui No introduction
Kung Chang Mo BuPing No introduction
Sunlight Sun Shi No introduction
Ruolin Wang Yuan Xi No introduction
Jun Fu Feng Yan No introduction
Ma month Bi Yao No introduction
Wei Chai Mei Ya No introduction
Mingming Zhang Xiao Ji No introduction
Chen Xin Ze Wei ChangZheng No introduction
Cyndi Qin Zhan No introduction
Meifang Lu Zheng Tong No introduction
Huang Haige Yuan Yan No introduction
(None) Zi Yuan No introduction
(None) Qiong Dan No introduction
(None) Xie Yun No introduction
Wei Yu Yin Su No introduction
Zhu Jiazhen Mo Li No introduction
GuMingHan Kua Lv No introduction
(None) He RuYi No introduction
Linjing Jiang Huang Hou No introduction
Bojun Zhang Qin GuoGong No introduction
Wang yongfeng Luo Xuan No introduction
(None) Feng Qiu No introduction
Liu Yonggang Yan Xi No introduction
Wang Gang Fu LianChou No introduction
Qi Ming Wei ZongPing No introduction
Lou Yajiang Yin JianZheng No introduction
Xu Xin Lu Qian No introduction
(None) Chai Xiang No introduction
(None) Xiao YuanJi No introduction
Zhang Zhe encyclical Xiao YuanMing No introduction

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