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Dong Han

Dong Han


  • Scorpio
  • 180
  • 1980-11-11
  • Xiaoshan District, China
Dong Han, born November 11, 1980 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, graduated from Central South University with a major in Civil Engineering (Direction: Road and Bridge Engineering) and a film and television actress in Mainland China. In 2006, "Yang Shen Bang," played Yang Xun, in 2011, "New Water Margin" played nine patterns Long history; "step by step shocking" plays nine elder brother Yin Yao. In 2012 in the "beauty of mountains and rivers without tears," plays the hero Dorgon. In 2013, starring in the poem "Swordsman" by Huo Jianhua, Tian Boguang and Zhong Hanliang in "Tian Long Ba Bu", and starred in the drama "Love Longyou Xiang", starring Bai Qian Sheng. In 2014, he starred in Wei Xiaobao at the premiere of "Juxing" in the Jin Yong drama produced by China Television. In 2015, he participated in Lin Xian-Ying, the celebrity masterpiece of the Xian Xia genre, "Yun Zhi Fan", the modern urban emotional drama "Our Secret" and modern legendary war drama "Great Inn". In 2016, the film "Legend of the Condor Heroes" directed by Jiang Jiajun plays "Zhong Shen Tong" Wang Chong Yang. In 2017, Elvis played evil witch elder in the oriental fantasy drama "Drunk and Delicate." In the history drama "world Changan" played Li Jiancheng. In the costume suspense drama "Jinyi under" Yan Shi Fan played. In the youth inspirational drama "please give me a pair of wings," played cold Liwei. In spy drama "Beehive" Luo Xingming plays.

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