Because I met you(TV)[2017]
Because I met you(TV)[2017]
Because I met you(TV)[2017]

Because I met you(TV)[2017]

Episode: 46 Area: inside China
Stars: Sun Yi (actress) Lun Deng You Wu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Chou Hsiao Peng Year: 2017
Genre: Inspirational | Emotional | Urban

《Because I met you》Episodes

Tong Guo wonton Dian Zhang Big girl Zhang GuoGuo (Yi Sun ornaments), is the town's delivery girl. Although fruit is not very high academic qualifications, but her passion, hearty personality has won the favorite of the neighborhood. People do not know is that the fruit is the famous Suzhou Embroidery Workshop Jinhaogu Embroidered two daughters daughter, because of an accidental mistakenly grow up in the same. Fruit fruit has a unique talent for embroidery. Although once opposed by Wang AiYu (Hong Guo), she gained recognition from her perseverance and hardworking and had the opportunity to study in the hawk hall. Thanksgiving with big fruit Wang AiYu, so Wang AiYu's own daughter Zhang YuXin (Wu Ta-You ornaments) as their loved ones together. Unexpectedly, Yu Hsin accidentally became the apprentice of Xu HuiJie (Joy Pan), a fruit mother who integrated the design concept of studying abroad into embroidery and became a fruitful opponent. In the common pursuit of their dreams on the road, respectively, with a pair of brothers Li YunKai (Deng Lun ornaments), Li YunZhe (Chao Dai ornaments) rub the spark of love. In front of fame and fortune, Yuxin lost himself, and fruit setbacks polished, still do not change the beginning of learning embroidery. In the end, fruit trees awakened everyone's conscience with a heart of kindness, and they themselves made a difference in embroidery.

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