Dear Translation Officer(TV)[2016]
Dear Translation Officer(TV)[2016]
Dear Translation Officer(TV)[2016]

Dear Translation Officer(TV)[2016]

Episode: 44 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Mini Yang Huang Xuan Vengo Gao More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wang Ying Year: 2016
Writer: Hong Jing Hui Saihyo Genre: Workplace | Love

《Dear Translation Officer》Episodes

Qiao Fei, a French Master of Arts, was an interpreter since I was a child. Occasionally, she met Cheng JiaYang, an official genius in translation, while Qiao Fei avoided the ex-boyfriend Gao JiaMing but made a mistake with Cheng JiaYang. Unexpectedly, on the second day of the high-turn interview, Qiao Fei found Cheng JiaYang actually was his examiner. The two started a contest with misunderstandings about each other. Eventually, Qiao Fei got the affirmation of Cheng JiaYang through unremitting efforts. However, after the twists and turns, the two finally confirmed their feelings toward each other. While Qiao Fei's career and love are springing like a spring, Gao JiaMing is again involved in Qiao Fei's emotional life at this time. All kinds of realities and suspicions make Qiao Fei and Cheng JiaYang contradictory, and eventually had to break up. Qiao Fei has since gone abroad to study French, and Cheng JiaYang also accepts new career challenges. After their respective growth, facing the test of life and death, eventually Nirvana rebirth. Qiao Fei finally willing to face their own feelings, the pursuit of higher professional ideals; Cheng JiaYang also found the real oneself & nbsp ;.

Plot Summary>>

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