Old Nine(TV)[2016]
Old Nine(TV)[2016]
Old Nine(TV)[2016]

Old Nine(TV)[2016]

Episode: 48 Area: China
Stars: William Chan Yixing Zhang Zhao Liying More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Shu-Pui Hou Shengquan Liang Chun-Man Wong Year: 2016
Writer: Yuan Ang Zhang Qi Cen Tang Lei Xu Genre: Suspense
Producer: Yu Xin Zhang Bai YiCong

《Old Nine》Episodes

"Old Nine" tells the story of the Republic of China, the nine families guarding Changsha, known as the "nine disciples." The nine forces are huge, no one knows the outside world, nobody knows, almost all of the shambles, out of Changsha is bound to go through one of them. In the autumn of 1933, a mysterious ghost car drove slowly to Changsha Railway Station. Zhang QiShan, the head of the nine-door "Zhang DaShan Buddha," was deployed as an armistice and was ordered to investigate. Zhang QiShan and Qi Ye Qi TieZui all the way to visit and found that there is a doubtful mine outside Changsha, has been the Japanese peeping. In order to solve the mystery of the mine, Zhang QiShan sought assistance from Er YueHong (Lay (entertainer)), a dramatist of the Shang Men San Men Men, but unfortunately Er YueHong, though an isolated aristocratic family, lamented Ya Tou, a seriously ill wife, . Zhang QiShan For national righteousness and brotherhood, go north to Crescent Hotel for Er YueHong wife seeking medicine. In Peking, Zhang QiShan met Miss Yin XinYue (Liying Zhao) at the Crescent Hotel and co-starred three Skylamps with Yin XinYue to make up for the family wealth. Yin XinYue helped Zhang QiShan et al to return to Changsha successfully. Er YueHong wife died of illnesses, no improvement after taking the medication, the final result. Er YueHong sadness but accidentally discovered that the family ancestors and mines also have a significant relationship, so cheer up, decided to join hands with Zhang QiShan, to solve the mystery of the mine.

Plot Summary>>

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