Episode: 45 Area: China
Stars: Huang Lei Hai-Qing Yuanyuan Zhu More>> Language:
Director: Jun Wang Year: 2016
Writer: Qing He Genre: Urban | Emotions | Family | Comedy
Producer: Xiao Ou Xu


The hearts of Fang Jia, Fang Yuan and Tong WenJie are firmly tied to the achievements of their daughter Fang Duo Duo, which make him suddenly and suddenly fall. The causes of various undertakings, life, family and school make the couple choose to go abroad indecisive. After experiencing a series of school and family size incidents, Fang Yuan's couple chose to flee their blossoms abroad, but did not expect to bring the family almost into disintegration. Finally, the blossoming abroad has chosen to go back to continuing education in China bravely, and Fangjia also ushered in the hope of rebuilding happiness. Jin Qin Qin as a "learning God", this is the least need to go abroad, but Qin Qin's mother Wu JiaNi want to Qin Qin so-called "good education", just want to Qin Qin study abroad, so with Jin ZhiMing husband constantly contradictions. Qin Qin, caught in the middle of her parents' dilemma, aunt Antony staged a "counter-measure" and finally turned her back to understanding that a good education is not only a school education but also a parent's love and family "education." As a big boss Zhang LiangZhong rich, outside the scenery of the infinite, at home by the worldly devils Zhang XiaoYu and young contradictions Di Na contradictions tossed over. Originally just wanted to find a way out at school where she was not able to score anything but Zhang LiZhong accidentally discovered that Xiaoyu grew up on her way to study abroad and became excellent, sensible, and Di Na's conflict is also gradually resolved. Small leave HD poster

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