Episode: 32 Area: China
Stars: David Tong Di Yao Tianzuo Liu More>> Language:
Director: Jizhou Xu Year: 2015
Writer: Lu Jiang Pei Wen Genre: Urban love drama
Producer: Zhang Shiping


Liu RuoNan and Yuan XiaoFan are a pair of weak women. Noisy, divorced often hanging lips. Yuan XiaoFan's Friend, Demanding Guo WeiDa In order to help Lao Po Yang Yang accomplish her dream of star, with the brokerage firm speculation, did not expect to really fry Yang Lin, and his career since then. Liu RuoNan unluckily pregnant under the incredible pregnancy gave birth to daughter, Yuan XiaoFan "do business" as a full-time dad, the couple's war officially kicked off. Xiaofan Guo WeiDa, an original science nurturing and career starving partner, started a small day-care class. If the man can not accept the so-called "career" Xiaofan, both frustrated each other. Lao people in order to prevent them from running out of divorce, the two men finally understand with their parents in battle: marriage is a responsibility, is to jointly maintain. When Yang Lin discovered that she was pregnant and experienced what she should cherish most, Yang Lin eventually gave up the so-called "Star Way" and returned to her family. In the end, Guo WeiDa and Yuan XiaoFan, two men who found their worth because of their children, walked along the happy marriage with their own best Lao woman.

Plot Summary>>

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