Beauty line(TV)[2015]
Beauty line(TV)[2015]
Beauty line(TV)[2015]

Beauty line(TV)[2015]

Episode: 50 Area: China
Stars: Cecilia Han xinbo Fu Nikita More>> Language:
Director: Lenseng Lou Year: 2015
Writer: Hui Li Genre: Age

《Beauty line》Episodes

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Han Shuying, a progressive young woman, was framed by her aunt and forced to marry Xie Bingyan, a northern tycoon, as her concubine. Inspired by Li WenXuan, a patriotic teacher, Han ShuYing decided to escaped from marriage to save the nation but was discovered by Xie RuiXue, an elder sister to Xie Family Ci and his classmates. The domineering Xie RuoXue not only reported to his father, but also Han ShuYing 'escaped marriage' interpretation of 'elopement' in an attempt to set Han ShuYing the "stepmother" died. Just as Han ShuYing was on the verge of his death, Xie Bingyan was shot dead by the Japanese because of his unwillingness to betray the motherland. Han ShuYing, who had witnessed everything, was deeply moved by the patriotic spirit of Xie Bingyan and decided to stay in Xie Family and save Xie Family at her name in the name of Xie's wife. With the help of Li WenXuan, she fled to Shanghai with Xie RuoXue Actually moved by Xie RuoXue. Against the backdrop of the golden age, the two women, Han ShuYing and Xie RuoXue, not only depended on "mother and daughter" but also performed a "sister" as a legend to resist the war and save the country.

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