Lost Love In Times(TV)[2005]
Lost Love In Times(TV)[2005]
Lost Love In Times(TV)[2005]

Lost Love In Times(TV)[2005]

Episode: 56 Area: China
Stars: Zhuolin Li Shishi Liu Wenqi Zhang More>> Language:
Director: Yufen Lin Shengquan Liang Year: 2005
Writer: Fourteen nights Jun Rao Zhuolin Li Ge Yajun Genre: Love
Producer: Li Jun Tang Qian Zhijun

《Lost Love In Times》Episodes

Posters Feng Qing Chen (Liu Shishi ornaments) is a witch clan holy witch, in charge of the holy relics nine to exquisite stone, can predict the future and even reverse the universe. Occasionally save the hunted down Emperor Yuan Ling (William Chan ornaments), both gratifying. Yuan Ling wants to marry Feng Qing Chen, but according to the ancestral system, the witch clan may not marry the royal family. Yuan Ling, in spite of all the opposition from the world, married Qing chen and caused shocks. Qing coffin was expelled by the witch and clan. The emperor Xu Haiqiao took the opportunity to launch the mutiny. Seeing Yuan Ling because of their own was forced to the brink of life and death, Qing cynic launched Wuxiu banned nine sharp turn to break the real world to reconstruct a new world. After coming to the reconstruction of the world, Qing Chen found everything around him was non-human. The Wins bear the case of conspiracy to invade. Yuan Ling's life is also foggy. In the face of Qing Chen, Yuan Ling has been completely stranger. Fate let them meet again, Qing Chen had to hide their deep feelings of Yuan Ling, secretly guarding, supporting Yuan Ling. But they do not dare to fall in love with each other, but their relationships are long and bumpy.

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