Half-night song(TV)[2005]
Half-night song(TV)[2005]

《Half-night song》Cast

Chen TianYi Huang Lei Play)

Born in a wealthy home, with a sophisticated, cold and decisive side. Like Tong RuoFan, though marrying Tong RuoFan, she was painfully condemned for her conscience and sorry buddy Song Danping. Finally, Tong RuoFan self-destruct eyes, Chen TianYi wake up.

Huang Lei

Huang Lei (Chinese: 黄磊; pinyin: Huáng Lĕi; Mandarin pronunciation: ;) is a Chinese actor, director, singer, screenwriter, and model. He was born on 6 December 1971 in Nanchang, Jiangxi, and now he lives in Beijing.

Song Danping (before disfigurement) Peter Ho Play)

Peter Ho

Peter Ho (simplified Chinese: 何润东; traditional Chinese: 何潤東; pinyin: Hé Rùndōng, born September 13, 1975) is a Chinese American singer, actor and model based in Taiwan. Since his debut in 1998, he has released seven albums and has starred in over 25 films and television series, most notably Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Wind and Cloud, One Meter Sunshine, Goddess of Mercy,The Young Warriors, Three Kingdoms, Legend of Chu and Han, Summer's Desire, and Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Tong RuoFan Barbie Hsu Play)

Young beautiful college girl. During her graduation trip, she met both Chen TianYi and Song DanPing in the snow forest. Get along, Song DanPing and Chen TianYi fell in love with Tong RuoFan. Tong RuoFan and the two have complex emotional entanglement.

Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu Si-yuan (born 6 October 1976) is a Taiwanese actress, singer, and television host. From 1994 to 2001, she was a member of the pop duo ASOS (originally called SOS for "Sisters of Shu", the name changed to ASOS for legal reasons) with her younger sister Dee Hsu. As such, Hsu is also known by her nickname "Big S" (while Dee Hsu is nicknamed "Little S"), but Barbie is the middle child in the family. As an animal-lover, she is a vegetarian.

Song DanPing

The opera star, always in the show wearing a mask so no one knows his face. By chance, saved Tong RuoFan, and fell in love with her. With Chen TianYi was a good friend, but experiencing various incidents, the friendship between the two lopsided.


No introduction

More《Half-night song》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Li Sun Yu Ge Sister Tong RuoFan home from childhood, and Tong RuoFan is a good sister, but also with Chen TianYi is a childhood playmate. After meeting Lin Tian Xueyuan with Xue Tian Xue, he enjoyed an excellent relationship. But fate tease, Tong RuoFan married Chen TianYi, Yu Ge Chen TianYi became underground lover.
Guancheng Lu Song Danping (after disfigurement) No introduction
De-kai Liu Lin DaoZhong No introduction
Ni Jia Qi Gu No introduction
Chin-sung Wang Song Shu No introduction
Hong Yuan Xiao Ou No introduction
Xuan Liu Tian Fei No introduction
(None) Jin San No introduction
Liang Guo Song JingZhang No introduction
Fazeng Li Chen GuangChou No introduction
Shuliang Ma Huang ShiZhang No introduction
Wu Yi Jiang Lv PangZi No introduction
Huang Xiaoli Tong ZhongHe No introduction
Li Chen (actor) Zhuo Nan No introduction
Ningyu Zhao Jiang LvShi No introduction
Rebecca Xiao Yun No introduction
Li Guangfu Zhu YiSheng No introduction
Wang Jianchun Wei Han No introduction
Michelle Bai Hei YiRenTouLing No introduction
(None) Xiao Tao No introduction
(None) Hai DaoWangLi No introduction
Tian Shumei Liu Ma No introduction
(None) Jin XiaoYu No introduction
Yansong Zhao Zhuan Yuan No introduction
(None) Liu Mang No introduction

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