Game of hunting(TV)[2017]
Game of hunting(TV)[2017]

《Game of hunting》Cast

Zheng QiuDong Ge Hu Play)

He was born in an ordinary, but very high-spirited, he fell into a trough in the major setbacks in the workplace and life, and then climbed up to debt. He had tortured himself and others contempt, burdened with the stain of history, the shackles of redemption, but has always adhered to the principle of the heart, and eventually become the hunting elite, career big names, came to the pinnacle of occupation.

Ge Hu

Hugo (Chinese: 胡歌, born 20 September 1982) is a famous Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role as Lin Juemin in Chinese historical film 1911. He is best known for his role as Mei Changsu in the 2015 television drama Nirvana in Fire, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards. Hu Ge is currently managed by Hu Ge Studio, contracted under Tangren Media.

Luo YiRen Renzi Jian Play)

Zheng QiuDong first girlfriend, to help him through the storm, but also with Zheng QiuDong in the process of mutual affection, but the two fate has not yet arrived, due to various reasons, eventually helpless pass, failed to come together.

Renzi Jian

Joyce Hyser is an American actress.

Lin Bai Lung Chan Play)

Lin Bai is the tutor leading Zheng QiuDong to the headhunting industry. From the first questionnaire survey on Zheng QiuDong to the unsuccessful hunter when meeting again, Lin Bai gave him an introduction to his work and almost lost his job to the third meeting Help, the last two also teachers and friends together against the enemy.

Lung Chan

Lung Chan, born in Shanghai on July 24, 1976, is an actor in the Mainland of China and a film and television drama performer in Shanghai. In 1997, Lung Chan starring youth idol drama "love of the vacuum record", the official debut. In 2000 starring inspirational love drama "Star dream lovers." In 2001 she starred in the action comedy "Young Huang Feihong". In 2002 by virtue of the starring costume martial arts "Tathagama", nominated for Taiwan's 39th Golden Bell Award for best supporting actor nomination, becoming the first nominated for the award of the mainland male artist. Starring in 2005 starring in the action drama "sentiment on the beach." In 2006 starring family drama "China mother". In 2006, he starred in costume historical drama "Young Yang Jia." In 2009 starred in the historical war drama "Wonderful." In 2010 participated in the Republic of China emotional drama "Lennon sentimental." In 2011, participated in costume historical drama "New Water Margin". September 21, 2012, starring in the history of the movie "crossing the river! Cross the river! Release. In 2013, starring costume drama "New Swallow Lee Sam." In 2014, starring strategy war drama "Independent Column 2". September 19, 2015, starring costume drama "Langya Bang" broadcast in Beijing Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV. In 2016, starring in the original suspense drama "Tibetan people." In 2017, starring in anti-corruption drama "Commission for Discipline Inspection"; April starring in the modern legendary drama "Peach Blossom is still laughing spring."

Liu LiangTi Honglei Sun Play)

A former executive search firm. He got acquainted with Zheng QiuDong in prison, read countless of his and encouraged Zheng QiuDong, who was caught in grudges, to obtain all kinds of certificates and seek commutation of his sentence. He was also encouraged to further study psychology and finance and develop him as a qualified headhunter.

Honglei Sun

Sun Honglei (Chinese: 孙红雷; born 16 August 1970 in Harbin) is a Chinese actor.

More《Game of hunting》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Feng Zu Bai LiQin Is Zheng QiuDong's college seniors and buddies, known as the "Lao Bai", but the two later relations have undergone great changes, both enemies and friends, and are caught in the emotional entanglement with Luo YiRen.
Jiayi Zhang Qu MinJing Zheng QiuDong Hunt the first big man as a headhunter
(None) Yuan Kun Tehui hunting manager. Middle-class elite, wily, Zheng QiuDong in the workplace opponents. Yuan Kun is quick success, often using extremely unethical means to achieve his goal. After receiving the case of Hongshen Capital, in order to hunt Chen XiuFeng, let Mi Na beauty meter.
Hu Bing Chen XiuFeng Chen XiuFeng is not only a financial genius, but also a gentle and filial son with a family burden. He learned that his father was seriously ill and resigned his wife to go home while taking care of his father's liquor while taking care of elderly parents. In addition, the emotional seduction in the workplace is unavoidable. Under the temptation of design and assistant of beauty, Chen XiuFeng, who is in a deep sleep, is in deep emotional turmoil.
Qian Wan Xiong QingChun She is not a perfect person, she has shortcomings, problems, especially cunning, very ill, there is a problem, but it is good, very real, very grounded. Very high psychological quality, mature and calm, and Zheng QiuDong share of common ends and bears painstaking efforts, fighting together in the workplace, and Zheng QiuDong have a relationship entangled.
Lingzhi Zhang Jia YiMei Film and Television School graduate, beautiful, emotional intelligence, Zheng QiuDong company de Renren co-workers. This little girl from the bottom, the bottom of the girl bent on the host, eager to succeed, but at the same time, she also wanted a vigorous love.
Xu Pavilion Hui ChengGong Young and energetic, mentally handicapped, diligent and ambitious, Zheng QiuDong was first employed by staff at Yu Ru Cheng's employment agency. After that, he was transferred from Derek Renhe to other companies. Success in promotion and pay rise was successful but he always liked Jia YiMei.
Michelle Kui Huang Kui Huang, originally a chief financial officer of a listed company, decided to quit her job and work with her husband in pastoral life in order to accompany and support her husband's decision. As an IQ, EQ online professional women, Kui Huang bravely chose to follow her lover and be willing to be the woman behind her in the face of the question "Which one are you working from your family?"
Haiqiong Luo Jian Na No introduction
Jie Zhu Yan Feng No introduction
Qian Wang Hai Shan No introduction
Yong Dong Yuan Tao Policemen
Lixin Zhao Tu FangZhi No introduction
Yong Dong Yuan Dui No introduction
Yuan Ma Yu ChengFei No introduction
(None) Suo Er No introduction
Ziyan Zhang Qu YunZheng No introduction
Liu Tianchi Tan Xu No introduction
Naiwen Li Chen Xiang Mysterious businessman
Shan Jiang Zhou ShuangHe No introduction
Jiandong Zhang Xia JiGuo No introduction
Ran Yuan Feng JuanJuan No introduction
Xuxing Mi Na No introduction
Wang Lejun Tao HuaMei No introduction
Fang Zhou Zhong HuaiLan No introduction
Jie Zhu Tan Fei No introduction
Weiyu Cao Bi YiJie No introduction
Jiang Du Kai WenYang No introduction
Zhang Hongzhen Meng ZiJing No introduction
Maggie Qin Ma XiaoHong Zheng QiuDong subordinates
Enhe Feng Yan BingHe No introduction
Xiaoyi Wang Zhao JianTing No introduction
Bingkun Cao Tan He No introduction
Xiyue Lin Hong ShenLaoZong No introduction
JOY Su YaDi No introduction
Zhihong Sun Lu ZhuGuan No introduction
Alyssa Chia Cai WanYu No introduction
Bingyan Yan Shu Jing No introduction
(None) Yin YiSheng No introduction
Xilin Zhang Sa Zong No introduction
(None) He GuoSheng No introduction
(None) Song FuZong No introduction
Yuexin Liu Sun JingLi No introduction
Xiaotian Wang Pu Jian No introduction
Chang Chen Tian Yao No introduction
T.-Q. Wang Yang Nian No introduction
(None) Lu YuTian No introduction
Hui Feng Zhan TianXiao No introduction
(None) Huang Mao No introduction
(None) Bo ShiShengXiaoDong No introduction

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