Mortal character(TV)[2017]
Mortal character(TV)[2017]
Mortal character(TV)[2017]

Mortal character(TV)[2017]

Episode: 45 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yongjian Lin Rulu Lei Tong More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Zongzheng Xu Year: 2017
Genre: City | Emotion | Motivational

《Mortal character》Episodes

Once Zhan DaPeng (Yongjian Lin), a former filmmaker who works as a war correspondent, and Fang XinRan (Lei Tong), a wife and wife working as a partner, lost their lives in families and undertakings and fell into the trawl of life after losing their ideas. Chang Ge (Xin Jiang), a newcomer to the workplace, admired and followed Zhan DaPeng. The two partners resumed their preparations for the new program in shabby conditions, but struggled in succession afterwards. Zhan DaPeng, who had experienced life and death on the battlefield, was in danger of leaving a shrapnel in his head and decided to give up surgery and help the returning son (Liang Zhenlun) complete his entrepreneurial dream with the remaining time. Father Zhan Fang (Zhidi Bai ornaments) ancestral craft "Zhenwei package" has become an important link between the exhibition three generations of men to regain affection. While helping his son, Zhan DaPeng also found a new theme for his documentary film based on food and family affection, the program aroused the audience's sympathy and strong repercussions. Zhan DaPeng, under the urging of his family and Chang Ge, finally calmly underwent surgery and survived fortunate. Experienced all of this, Zhan DaPeng regained the motivation and direction to move forward, not only becoming the winner of the second half of his life, but also gaining a good feeling with Chang Ge.

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