Emergency Medicine Specialist(TV)[2017]
Emergency Medicine Specialist(TV)[2017]
Emergency Medicine Specialist(TV)[2017]

Emergency Medicine Specialist(TV)[2017]

Episode: 43 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Jiayi Zhang Luodan Wang Gong Zheng More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xiaolong Zheng Liu Xuesong Year: 2017
Writer: Lijuan Zhao Genre: City | Medical
Producer: London Ki

《Emergency Medicine Specialist》Episodes

Emergency medical doctoral supervisor Jiang XiaoQi returned to the United States, shopping robbery encountered, did not expect to rob her juvenile robbers suddenly collapsed to the ground. Jiang XiaoQi immediately sent him to XX hospital emergency room. At the triage center, she meets He JianYi, the chief academic authority of the emergency department that is directing amputees for injured migrant workers. Both of them dispute over the different concepts of emergency treatment between China and the United States. Also on this day, a schizophrenic knife-wielding knife outside the emergency room led to a tragic death of a doctor. Jiang XiaoQi came to work in the emergency room and soon won the admiration of many young colleagues in the hospital with superb medical skills and care for the patient's humanity. Liu HuiMin, who has always been the deputy director of emergency department director, originally thought that the biggest rival was He JianYi,

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