Rather than tipsy,(TV)[2018]
Rather than tipsy,(TV)[2018]

《Rather than tipsy,》Episodes

On the TV series "why not get drunk with it"It tells the story of lu weixun (gong jun), a wine genius with "absolute taste", and the girl who loses the sense of taste when she is young. Temperamental high cold, natural disposition is rigorous, in the wine comment the world as a tyrannical general lu weixun has hit the character to be cheerful and naive, but also the earth gas, is careless not drunk, this ice and fire meeting will collide what kind of wonderful chemical reaction? And the shape of tall and straight and handsome gong jun meets a small and lovely song yi person and perfectly interprets the most lovable height difference, will undoubtedly add a piece of dry wood fire for this "song of ice and fire".

It is also worth mentioning that actors dai chao and zhang wanqing this pair of popularity CP. The super potential of the generation emerging in a lot of works recently is infinite, not only in "the special master", "because I meet you" and other popular TV series works, but also in "nezha", "the tonggu code" and other big dramas which are led by him are about to meet the audience. Zhang wanqing, who plays mia, has been a hot new star of late. She not only wowed the crowd with her charming red wine voice and European and American fashion style in the new song of China, but also made her debut in director zhao baogang's new film, tease of youth.

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