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DiYiShuJi (Movie)[2010]

Feature: In the late 1970s, eighteen peasants in Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province, pressed the red handprint of the land contract responsibility contract at a risk of beheading. The move shocked the country and opened the curtain of China's reform and opening up. Blink of an eye Nearly three decades later, from Xiaogangcun to all parts of the country, have undergone tremendous changes. Who once wanted to press the story of collective fingerprints, once again happen in the village of Xiaogang. In 2004, Xiaogang Village ushered in the first party secretary Shen Hao (Yang Lixin). Shen Hao cheerful open-minded, impartial and selfless, he bent on the job, with practical actions to practice the scientific concept of development. Wu NaiNai (Su Ying Huang) never knew her trust. Yang DeFu (Bing He), a prodigal son, made everything from making trouble to being honest. Despite being initially complained by his wife Wang XiaoQin (Fan Xu) and his daughter Wang Wang (Li Ruosi), Shen Hao, with his integrity, has left him with an indelible and glorious image in the village of Xiaogang Village. Character deeds adapted.

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