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Guoxing Chen

Guoxing Chen

Director|Actor|Screenwriter|Art director|Producer

  • Male
  • Taurus
  • 1956-05-18
  • Beijing, China
Chen Guoxing (Guoxing Chen) was born in Beijing on May 18, 1956. He graduated from the Performing Department of the Beijing Film Academy, director, screenwriter, and producer of mainland China. In 1987, he directed his first work "Thunderbolt" and received recognition from the Department of Film and Television of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and special recognition from the Ministry of Railways. In 1988, he independently directed the romantic drama "The City's Footsteps." In 1992, he directed the comedy "The Temporary Dad" and the Romance "Divorce War." In 1994, he directed the drama "One Family, Two Systems", which won the 1994 Huabiao Award for Outstanding Feature Film. In 1995, with the biography film "Kong Fansen" won the 16th "Golden Rooster Award" Special Award. In 1996, he directed the feature film "Blackeyes", which won the best feature film of the 18th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award. In 1998, the film "HengHengkongchushi" was filmed for the 50th anniversary. In 2001, the film "Chat" was filmed. In 2005, in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Chen Yun, he directed the historical film "Wind by the Wind." In 2007, he took the love movie Big artisan. The film won the 24th China TV Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding TV Drama. In 2010, he directed the biographical film "DiYiShuJi", which won the 14th Huabiao Award for Outstanding Feature Film. In 2011, he co-directed the disaster film "Ice and Snow 11 days" with Xiaole Wang, and the film was nominated for the new Chinese film of the Beijing International Film Festival's domestic screening unit. In 2015, he directed the biopic "DengXiaoPingDengHuangShan".

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