Asia's hit comic “paradise under the bridge” filmed and produced by golden gate with black jellies

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Linkeddb News November 7  Golden gate productions, which has announced the rights to the popular Malaysian cartoonist black jellyfish's "paradise under the overpass," plans to bring it to the big screen to meet fans' and readers' expectations.

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The top seller for 12 weeks. Force, Guo Jingming Top year No.1

"Paradise under the overpass", published in 2017 by Malaysian cartoonist black jellyfish, has touched tens of millions of readers with its humorous and heartwarming stories and triggered heated discussions and wild reposts by netizens. It topped Asia weekly's list of the most popular books on culture in more than 12 weeks and ranked No. The sales record beat Guo Jingming, Man Gu The best seller of the year in Malaysia. The cartoon tells the story of the strange "paradise" CP of lutang and tangerine. After seeing the selfish human nature of putting profit first, they still insist on creating the paradise street in their hearts to achieve others' dreams. The painting style is simple, but the story's depth is beyond imagination. The hero of the comic book lu tang, sleeping under a bridge, is a neurotic homeless man whom everyone can avoid. But such a person, but let the death mission responsible for the end of life repeatedly failed, let the angel responsible for spreading love and luck, step by step commit seven SINS... The story remains as hilarious as the black jellyfish has always been, and the plot uncannily unfolds, touching as well as resonating, making it a worthy choice for the year.

Black jellyfish, a Malaysian cartoonist, began to serialize humorous cartoons in the sing chau daily and xuehai in 2007. His writing style is simple, strong and unique, and he has held the top position in the Chinese top 100 best sellers list for many years and has been translated into many languages. Most of his stories focus on the lives of ordinary people but are not lack of positive, humorous and funny also not conceal its profound connotation, known as "life department" cartoonists. & have spent

While the world's film industry is obsessed with "marvel" horizontal sharing of cosmic productions, golden gate productions prefers to explore potential playwrights and productions around the world. The film, which was shortlisted in the main competition unit of the 29th Tokyo international film festival, was adapted from a stage play by Japanese playwright tenyen. post-system Fatal Visit "And" the taste of pepper "are also adapted from stage plays and novels.

Kinmen's recent work PortofCall "," FiresWereStarted "And other works in the awards and the box office on more than win,& NBSP; Everybody knows it. I just got a shot at busan film festival. Rumbleages The newly-crowned director Yang yongguang, who won the grand prize, and the 67th Berlin film festival panorama unit, the investigation in the mountains directed by bhutanese female director Dechen Roder, have received the support of golden gate's production, so the film of paradise under the overpass is very exciting.


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