Portof Call(Movie)[2015]
《Portof Call》(Movie)[2015]
Portof Call(Movie)[2015]

Portof Call (Movie)[2015]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese | Mandarin | 湖南方言
Stars: Release data: 2015
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Plot | Suspense | Crime

《Portof Call》Episodes

Wang JiaMei moved to Dongguan from Dongguan for two years. Because of no financial ability to leave the mother and stepfather family and walked the way to aid girls. Ding ZiCong, an affectionate trucker, found JiaMei on the Internet. The two chatted on MSN like friends, sharing each other's stories, saying love and hate, life and death. On the day of the murder, Jia Mei met Ding ZiCong. Two people play in the house, cable K, a room of joy. In the end, the two came to bed and during the intercourse, Jia Mei and Ding said she wanted to die, but she held her neck until she was exhausted. Zang Sir responsible for the investigation is a blame police officer. When he investigated many cases, he did not care about the case, but he did a thorough investigation of the characters in the case. Even if there is enough evidence to prosecute Ding ZiCong, he still wants to know more about Ding ZiCong and Wang JiaMei. He wants to use his enthusiasm to see our time, in the end what happened? He hoped to find the real reason to prove that human nature is not evil, light the dark light. "Blood-sowing plum plum" with the paragraph-style method, is divided into "find plum", "lonely person", "blood" and "see the scenery of the room." The first three sections respectively look at the case by bystander Jing Cha, the victim Jiamei, and the assailant Satoko.

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