Rumbleages' busan film festival wins awards new director yang yongguang wins attention

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Linkeddb News October 22 & have spent The 23rd busan international film festival officially closed on oct 13. In this film festival, Chinese films shine brilliantly. Among them, new director Yang yongguang's Rumbleages "In APM (Asian project market) became the focus, won the MAS. As one of the important units of busan film festival, APM has always been the focus of the global film market. Jia Zhangke ,Hirokazu Kore - edaSuch as now internationally renowned directors have been APM's affirmation.

Busan film festival APM won the grand prize New director Yang yongguang stands out

The competition for APM this year was fiercer than ever, with 401 projects from 69 countries competing, with the number of candidates up 30 percent from last year and only 29 finalists. Throughout the years of APM, many famous Asian directors have participated with representatives, among whichHou Hsiao - hsien" ThreeTimes ", "platform" by Jia Zhangke, and Fruit Chan " LittleCheung "And other works have gained wide attention for winning awards on APM, and obtained financial support through this platform. whileKim Ki - new(unknown recipient), Beauty "),Lee Chang dong -(" Oasis "," poet ") and other local Korean directors have achieved self-transformation in the witness of APM.

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Yang yongguang, the new director who won the grand prize for "Rumbleages," graduated from New York university. At the beginning of his career, he participated in the The Guillotines Behind the scenes work on films like "" He wrote and directed his own short film 90 Days "Is a finalist in more than 20 international film festivals, including the vancouver international film festival and the Bermuda international film festival. In 2015, he attended a director creative direction training program sponsored by the Toronto international film festival and was the only Chinese director invited. It is worth mentioning that Rumbleages, which stands out from 29 films, has been selected into the director creative direction training program of the Toronto international film festival and the Tokyo talent training program of the Berlin international film festival for its excellent stories and novel themes, and has been the guidance and recognition of two authoritative film festivals. Meanwhile, the film was also shortlisted for the "cradle of Chinese films" FIRST youth film exhibition in 2016.

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Golden gate film aims to foster a new generation of Chinese films

Rumbleages is produced by Golden Gate Productions Ltd., and by zhu jiayi Liu Yu Finn producer. The film describes the story of three mainland young people who went to study in Canada, faced with the gap between reality and dream, and swinging between confusion and rebellion. It is a realistic work focusing on growing pains. In fact, golden gate productions, founded in 2008, has always held the belief of creating successful Chinese films, committed to exploring profound realistic themes and providing a platform for the new generation of creative talents behind the scenes. This time "Rumbleages", besides director Yang yongguang, the scriptwriter Wang Yi Noe is also a big new movie star. As a master of arts in screenwriting at Columbia University, she produced works such as Taipei factory II -- luca and Tropical past "Has been selected in the Venice film festival, golden horse film festival, Cleveland international film festival, and in the Shanghai film festival and Berlin international film festival awards, good strength.

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In recent years, golden gate has produced PortofCall "," FiresWereStarted "And other works in the awards and the box office have achieved more, are the best. It was selected into the panorama unit of the 67th Berlin film festival. "investigation in the mountains" directed by bhutanese female director Dechen Roder was also shot with the support of golden gate production. Currently under post-production When the wind is back "," Fatal Visit ", "pepper flavor" and other projects, have also aroused numerous expectations. Golden gate production combines the current environment of the film market and actively creates suitable opportunities and platforms for new directors to make their own movies. New directors should seize the opportunity to show their talent, and the industry can also absorb new blood, thus entering a virtuous cycle.

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