Mom 3' Sha Deng was led by the trend to bring Wang Wang warmhearted family stamped tears

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"Ma Chao 3" Sha Deng was sealed and led the trend with the cargo Wang warmheart family stamped tears

With the big assembly of the four Superman mothers, "Mother is Superman" ushered in the final quarter of the third quarter. During the show, Sha Deng demonstrated her skills as a chef. However, when she was magical, she lost the whole piece and became a “spinner”. In the awarding session hosted by Jiang Du , Sha Deng was sealed off with the “Mushroom Buying, Buying, Handicap Year Magical Shipment King of the Year,” and lazy artifacts and other shipping capabilities were also unanimously approved by netizens.

Sha Deng Net Red Tomato Rice Exhibition Women's Magic Magic

In this program, four Superman mothers assembled at the summer camp. The children automatically pick up the dishes and the mothers prepare lunch in the room. Sha Deng is not only a hand-picking hand who has often relied on various major online platforms, but has also started to use a “tomato” network. Although it was the first time it was done, it was a full-featured woman, and afterwards, the Coke chicken wings were also favored by Shiou Yun-Fei , and Alyssa Chia was greatly praised.

In the “Superman Mothers Night” hosted by Jiang Du, mothers prepared their own super power performances. Sha Deng performed the table suspended magic, but was forced into the chaos by Da Linzi and Hummer, a dazzling table cloth and a cricket table. Eventually, the magic turned into a "small piece" and the whole scene burst into laughter.

Sha Deng Awarded a Leading Trend with the King of Goods Warm Heart Family Poison Tears

After the host, Jiang Du, presented the awards to each of the mothers. Sha Deng won the “Miracle of the Year with the Buying, Buying, Buying and Selling Handicrafts.” Although it was as expected, Sha Deng was well deserved. Recalling Sha Deng's lazy eye glasses, lazy slippers, and lazy cell phone holder artifacts from previous shows, it is indeed a gossip for lazy people. Netizens have even sealed Sha Deng as “the leading king of the trend”.

In addition, Sha Deng's sense of maidenhood and primordial appearance are also a major attraction for netizens. Whether it is the dress code on the show or the childishness of the juggler, Sha Deng counts on his own personality. In this episode, Dai Linzi and Shiou Yun-Fei hand in hand to explode their brothers. Sha Deng's innocence education for Da Linzi is also praised daily by netizens, and is known as “the most poignant mother and child”.

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