Alyssa Chia in advance for the girls had Halloween, Shiou Yun-Fei play cats cute

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Halloween is coming, this is also a children's event, do not give candy on the trouble, Shiou Yun-Fei is also very much looking forward to, a woman like life Amethyst naturally no less well-dressed for her daughter, but unexpected, Because of tomorrow's work, we can not have Halloween for my daughters tomorrow. Then why not, we can advance too.

Under the strong expectation and request of Shiou Yun-Fei, she wholeheartedly wanted to dress up as a kitten. Although her mother wore her bat's clothes and bat's headdresses, it did not affect people's dresses as kittens. Cat whiskers, and Shiou Yun-Fei big round eyes, really meow the cat. No wonder so porridge cat kittens, single-minded dress cats. Unlike last year, Shiou Yun-Fei has a little sister boo this year, and she inherited Shiou Yun-Fei's pumpkin outfit, chubby body and big spirits from last year, Netizens stole the sisters back home.

See this year's bo girl, I feel just like last year's Shiou Yun-Fei exactly the same thing, silly can not tell.

However, today's top spot but the girl mia, this dress is clearly more in line with the theme of Halloween, a look of "white flour", coupled with ultra-thick brow, and red cheeks, Of course, for children, or a little scared, it will not scared us Shiou Yun-Fei friends.

Although it is an early holiday, but see Jia Jingwen microblogging so cheerful tone, in the end there is still a perfect ending, we can see that they are really happy to play friends, see such a lovely Shiou Yun-Fei, users They have to propagandize them to participate in " where is my dad ", super look Shiou Yun-Fei can be a reality show, be able to see her more.

In fact, referred to Halloween, Xiaobian most impressed last year that "faceless boy" children, my mother dressed really dedication, the children around were frightened, carrying a small basket lonely and helpless standing in a group of princess Between the prince and Ge Ge .

Look at the little girl with a pitiful little eyes, I am afraid that the heart is thinking, you want to cry I want to cry ah. Who let me have such a wonderful mother. Sure enough, there is no strongest, only stronger.

This year's Halloween, she cos the " Death Note " death Ryuk, sharp eyes, makeup, "chic." Kindergarten children with the last experience did not panic and scared like the last time, calm calmly a lot.

Netizens ridicule really funny, said: "Really discontented mother, one can not lose to others, but can not lose to last year's own." Also said: "children are not used to play what is the meaning. "Our lovely sister is really miserable mom pit ah, but I like this child has been reelected champion for two years, let us look forward to next year her performance!

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