Sha Deng June double cover exposure fashion industry's new favorite expression MAX

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Sha Deng June Double Cover Exposure Fashion New Favorite Expression MAX

Recently, Sha Deng's June issue of Mummy Baby's double-cover cover has been exposed. Sha Deng is dressed in a teenage girl's shirt and wide-legged jeans. It is fresh and dynamic, and it perfectly embodies the most in summer formula. The popular letter belt adds a sense of street fashion. Another cover, Sha Deng, is a short jacket with a black and white striped dress. The overlaying and mashup of different materials is more fashionable. Tai Linzi either holds on to Sha Deng's thighs, or cuddling in Sha Deng's arms to show her sweet moments together.

It is reported that Sha Deng's popularity in the star childcare reality show "Mama is Superman 3" has been soaring due to the unique concept of parenting and the full power of the girl power. The freshness and age-appropriate appearance and multiple and varied temperament have made her love her even more, gaining the unanimous approval of the people in the circle. Sha Deng not only consecutively appeared on the cover of many large fashion magazines, but many brand events also sent her an olive branch of cooperation. He was promoted to the darling of the new generation of fashion circles in a short period of time, expressing MAX.

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