"The Leaker" first exposed "who accompanied me" MV dare to shoot Hong Kong film respect Beyond

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[ The Leaker] 's first exposure to "Who Befriends Me" MV dares to shoot Hong Kong film to pay tribute to Beyond ]

"The Leaker" first exposure "who accompanied me" MV dare to shoot Hong Kong film respect Beyond

Directed by the famous director Herman Yau , Francis Ng , Julian Cheung , Charmaine Sheh , Chrissie Chau , Zheng Zeshi, Wilfred Lau starring, Louis Cheung , Sam Lee (actor) starring in the criminal action suspense movie "The Leaker" released on June 15th Since the word of mouth has been soaring, today's exposure of "who accompanied me" MV, to pay homage to the music classic Beyond, pure Hong Kong portfolio classic Hong Kong music, bringing back memories of many people in Hong Kong.

I dare to sing the band for the most dare to shoot Hong Kong films.

"Who Comes with Me?" is one of Beyond's classic repertoires of the Chinese People's Team in Hong Kong. It expresses a sense of confusion about the future and persists in its own ideas in reality and ideals. The movie "The Leaker" exposed the same name as the MV. The highly recognizable Hong Kong films partner Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, and Charmaine Sheh faced setbacks and crisis as the lyrics broke out at the moment of the global virus crisis. They are profane or confused, but even if they fall into the difficult situation of neglecting their family, friends, and lover, and suffer many misunderstandings, they are still firm in their ideals, stick to their professional mission, and seek to tear apart the truth together. Beyond, who had guest director Herman Yau’s first work “ No Regret ”, made a sound of this time. Not only was Herman Yau, a Beyond friend, to pay tribute to the music classics, but also to his own heart, he insisted on making the most pure Hong Kong films. An expression. The perfect match between dare to shoot Hong Kong films and dare to sing the band has caused countless people to fall into the deep memory of Hong Kong's brilliant era.

The Truth Brings People to Think Deeply

The film “The Leaker,” which is based on the outbreak of a rare virus in Malaysia and rapidly sweeping the world, tells the police played by Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, and Charmaine Sheh as reporters to investigate the bizarre death in the virus case. In the negotiations of the mysterious organization, breaking the image of the definition of good and evil, tearing the truth is chilling..... as the first Hong Kong film detonated this summer, since the film was released on June 15, the Douban score all the way Go higher. While continuing the classical setting of the Hong Kong film, the new elements such as “The Leaker” were thrown with the virus as the fuse, which critically reveals the social reality from the perspective of conspiracy and truth, and the blending of classics and innovations has yielded many harvests. Praise. Many netizens praised it as being even better than expected, and the sense of justice was overwhelming. It was irritating, and it was fully up to the standard of the classic Hong Kong movie. The three creative partners had a tacit understanding and the opponent's play was very exciting. The analysis of the truth on the theme of profound and close to reality is thought-provoking. And the rhythm of the film is also very emotional, which makes people want to tear the truth together with “The Leaker”.

The Leaker movie is produced by Yindu Institution Co., Ltd., Erdong Film Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Star Amoy Film Co., Ltd., China Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Sun Entertainment Film Co., Ltd., and is an extraordinary entertainment production company, Tianjin Zhongzhong. CD-Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Powerway Global Entertainment Co., Ltd., Sage Music Affairs Co., Ltd., Zhongdi Hongkong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., AStar International Entertainment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Cannes (Cannes) Global China Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. , Eide Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tairun Group Co., Ltd. jointly produced.

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