The Sports Daily Song Wang Yibo and Wu Dajing have a common topic

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In the middle of last month, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics had just ended. In this issue of “Daily Up”, with the stamina of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics champion Wu Dajing, Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi , Deng Yaping , and Gao Min were invited to join the audience. Relive the passionate moments of the Olympic Games, and invited singer Yu Quan , producer Xiao Ke , actor Li Feier, and others to use everyone's familiar songs to arouse everyone's blood and memories.

The opening of the program, Wang Yibo a white sweatshirt with black casual pants handsome debut, heroic, dynamic, and strength interpretation of the 1998 World Cup in France, the theme song "Life Cup", pull the wind feeling, fire full explosion The stage, with the cooperation of the cheering team, instantly ignited everyone's enthusiasm, as if to bring people back to the moment of high fire. The emergence of Wu Dajing, the short track speed skating champion of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, caused a climax. When discussing the rules of the short track speed skating, Wang Yibo used the car to open the topic and successfully attracted everyone’s attention and found a short time. The common points of the speed skating He Saifei car and Wu Dajing enthusiasm to chat, continuous speaking "vacuum belt", "ranking" and other professional terms, attracted everyone to exclaim, "I know a lot of people really understand the car!"

During the Olympic gold-medal link, the program invited her to perform her classic songs from the 1980s and 1990s. Popular songs such as “Loess Gaopo” and “The Qianmen Love Bowl Tea” attracted the enthusiasm of a group of singers and presiding ensembles. During the 97-year-old Wang Yibo after the hostess's teasing age, this time, Wu Dajing and the female squadron Hui Ruoqi’s “ridiculed”: “When you are particularly embarrassed, Yi Bo is helpless at the side,” and the teacher hurriedly comforted him. “A Bo has always been like this. In 1997, he had nothing to do with a Bo.” This led fans to cry. “At that time, we were only 7 years old when we were a Bo. We were born in the evening!”

Although Wang Yibo has not heard these "old" golden songs, it does not affect his passion for sports. In the game, Wang Yibo's indulging in table tennis can not extricate himself. The atmosphere of the scene is filled with joy!

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