Li Feier Monica Mok Jiarong Lv Joe Chan Those entertainers on the red carpet

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Walking the red carpet has become a must-have event for major entertainment events in the entertainment industry. The performance of stars on the red carpet will attract widespread attention. The lighter will win the reputation, and the heavy ones will be half-hearted. The effect, Li Feier , Monica Mok , Jiarong Lv , Joe Chan, etc. on the red carpet because of this or that issue out of the ocean.

Li Feier Tube Top Dress Slide Scene

When Li Feier participated in the 63rd Red Carpet Show in Cannes, she appeared in a pink dress and was elegantly sweet and eye-catching. She later accidentally swept her chest skirt off, causing the flesh-colored chest to be exposed, and she was unaware of the scene. so awkward.

Monica Mok accidentally stepped on skirts

When Monica Mok participated in the opening of the Beijing International Film Festival, she walked on the red carpet. She was too long to wear a skirt and accidentally stepped on her skirts. She was scared and frightened.

Jiarong Lv accidentally stepped on the skirt and almost stumbled forward.

Jiarong Lv participated in the festival of Chinese and French film festivals. He was too hurried to walk too long when walking on the red carpet. She accidentally stepped on the skirt and was almost stumbled forward. Fortunately, at the critical moment, she settled in a timely manner. "Princess 蹲" apologized.

Joe Chan squats and knees bleeds on the knee

Joe Chan was wearing a white ruffled mini dress and red gloves while attending the Asia's Top Ten Red Man Festival, but just as she turned, the blue “high heavens” heel was stuck in the gap between the carpets. He fell and fell to the ground, and the host around him hurriedly reached for it, but her knee was broken and bleeding.

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