Bieber and Selena dating Europe and the United States circle this love and kill cp sugar again!

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Recently, Bieber and Selena dating photos and double on the hot search, since the combination of the young couple, hot search on every day, watching them both more than their fans, the fans of the entire European and American circles Are eating melon watching theater, very excited. To know that the couple but love each other for a few years to kill.


In early November of this year, Bieber and Selena were photographed together to go out on the street. Two people also rode bicycles. As you can see in the photo, everyone was happy to laugh. As soon as things were reported, the fans were excited. "Is this a compliment to the couple I still struggling with from college to college?" Others say "Jelena is back" (Jelena is a couple fan name for two people). Has been tracking their paparazzi finally put a big move, directly photographed the two kissing the map. Hey hey hey, this is definitely under the complex it!



In fact, the two have been separated from their young age and then separated to the present complex. The middle part of the whole journey has gone through seven full years and many things have also gone through. Selena and Bieber compete for a boyfriend and a girlfriend than one, and then incidentally in the ins leave a message to tease is not without. So crazy romance history let Xiaobian comb it for everyone.

In 2011, Selena revealed on a talk show that he knew Bieber or because Bieber's agent called her mother because her mother was her agent at the time. So it should be in 2009, the two brokers brokered each other know each other, met and ate a meal. At that time, the boy who was a green boy was instructing to say "Selena Gomez, and I'm glad to see you, maybe the next time we meet is the New Year." In 2010, Bieber invites Selina to stage Charm discharge, it really is more direct foreign children haha. The fans also think the two men have been superficially coaxed, but they have been denying the appointment.


This lasted a year or so, the two are finally no longer secretive in 2011, a great show in all kinds of party love. Bieber also kissed Selena around her when she won the Best Newcomer Award! So Marisu's plot! Talk about love is too sweet! Must be seen all over the world! However, In January, when a girl broke the news that she was pregnant and gave birth to Bieber's children, it was an explosive news story in Hollywood at the time, especially when Bieber was 17. But then sweet. However, it was not long before the end of the 12th when Bieber made a lonely photo on the ins that vaguely drew the metaphor of a single person. The media also immediately burst out that the two had already decided to break up.


Do you think this is over? No, there are still more plays after the two. Bieber put ruthless remarks in the interview, want everyone to pay attention to their own music, on the one hand miss the Selena on the ins. So it was almost 14 years later they were again compound. This love is really after several ups and downs. Good times are not long ah, October 14 when two people were photographed quarrel, Selena fury closed off Bieber, emmm seems this love has collapsed. Later, this time, Bieber played with different beautiful models are very good, looking for a girlfriend, although these people are Tuochazuo like fans with Selena. Selena also had contacts before and after potted brother The Weekend and other boyfriends.


It looks like the Triad Underworld do not like this, their own well. But only you can not think of no cp can not do this! 17 years they compound it! Fan heart hope for so many years, and finally reached a dream. Xiaobian also sincerely wish mature Bieber with the beautiful beauty of Selena this really can go!


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