“On the side of side with you” Ice fires the best guardian of the best girlfriends."

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The light-minded urban sentimental drama “ Only by side with you ” is continuing to hit, and the entire network has exceeded 3.5 billion. Not only did the ratings show strong performance, but in the development of the drama where the explosions frequently occurred, each role in the drama also ushered in a new test. Recently renewed episodes, in which the play of Weely’s Ice perfectly illustrates what is “China's good friends” in their own actions, helping Nan Qiao to negotiate and create a company image, and the internal construction team boosts morale. The decision is unconditional support and removes obstacles for it. Have to say that the two girlfriends really make people envy.

Ice Incarnation "Miss Zhijie" Demonstration "China Good Will"

In "Only side by side with you", Ice's Wendi plays a serious and steady career woman on the workplace, but when the girlfriend encounters a problem, Ice immediately turns to "Miss Heart" to solve problems for her. South and South Joe staged a period of the best sweetheart. When Nan Qiao prepares to drink with customers, Wendi will be intimately prepared for the change and treatment of stomach pains; when Nan Qiao was betrayed by his predecessor, Wendi persuades Nan Qiao as a scummer not worth hurting himself; when the company encounters a bottleneck, When the employees left the company, Nan Q asked her: Can you go too? Wendi replied: Yes, if you give up.

It was the trust and support of Wendi that made Nan Qiao resonate with the company and led the company through difficulties. In four years of companionship, the two were already like relatives. Although their personalities are different, they do not hinder mutual support in matters such as career and love. In the play, Ice's interpretation of Wendi can be said to be warmhearted and warmhearted. When the girlfriends are in trouble, they can never forget to share in honor and commonality. This can be called “China's good friend”. After watching the audience have commented: The whistle is the correct way to open the girlfriends, and finally not the plastic sisters spend it.

Do not be afraid of everything.

Recently, the story of “Only by side with you” is getting better and better. Ice's Wen Di has also been widely followed and loved by his vigorous and resolute work style. As the actual manager of immediate flight, Wendi has a very high intelligence and emotional intelligence. In the case that the company's products had to be listed in advance, Wendi actively prepared new product launches, and also specially ordered 100 new products to be presented to reporters. Please help the reporters to promote. Although this is only a small detail, but it is enough to see Wendi's high efficiency and flexible approach.

As the backbone of the team, An's wisdom is calm, strong and helpless. Help Nan Qiao to take care of Fang Fang of the company, establish team's cohesive force, and create good conditions for her peace of mind for R&D. No wonder everyone says: Do not be afraid if you are in trouble, and have a warm flute for everything. If you don't know about the young lady who has such beauty and wisdom, please pay attention to the wonderful interpretation of Ice in “Only by side with you.”

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