Only side by side with you(TV)[2018]
Only side by side with you(TV)[2018]
Only side by side with you(TV)[2018]

Only side by side with you(TV)[2018]

Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Bai Baihe William Chan Hailu Qin More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Yan Lin Year: 2018
Writer: Wenting LI Genre: Contemporary city
Producer: Xiao Ou Xu

《Only side by side with you》Episodes

NanQiao NanQiao NanQiao young and timid light in the childhood friend Chang JianXiong design see fiance Zhou derailed, decided to break up with it. Zhou Ran threatened to divest, in order to make his beloved science and technology smooth progress, Nan Qiao went to the bar to meet investors, but mistakenly collided with the tall and cold bar owner Shi Yue acquaintance, Shi Yue accidentally found Nan Qiao seems to be with their already The dusty part of the past has a complicated and confusing relationship, he intends to close Nan Qiao, originally intended to write down the emotional traps of the past that period of past events, but do not want their own hopelessly fell in love with Nan Qiao. Chang JianXiong, the other protagonist of the incident, reunited with Shi Yue, who had become her rival. She felt both guilty and guilty in her heart. The relationship between her ancestry and her current feelings triggered the war between the two men. The dignified Southern Father resolutely opposed the feelings of Nan Qiao and Shi Yue. Nan Qiao also gradually learned that An Ning, a woman who had a deep influence on him, was covered by Shi Yue's life. In the face of the pressure of the Southern Father, An Ning obstruction and indelible past, Nan Qiao and Shi Yue have always stood side by side, closely dependent on each other to make every effort to protect their cherished love.

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