Ice invited chinese fashion week to watch the show wearing embroidered long skirts to interpret oriental beauty

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Ice Invited to attend China fashion week Wear "Chinese embroidery" to honor the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Olympics

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Ice invited Chinese fashion week to watch the show Wearing an embroidered long dress to illustrate eastern beauty

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Linkeddb News November 2 & have spent Recently, emperor entertainment Ice was invited by the brand to attend the "China fashion week" show. Ice was wearing an embroidered dress, calm and elegant, with extraordinary qualities. Oriental element is tie-in restore ancient ways feelings, Ice blends both perfectly. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Olympic Games, Ice specially selected clothing with Chinese fashion elements "embroidery", and exchanged fashion ideas with everyone in such a meaningful place as Beijing bird's nest cultural center.

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Ice stars in a large TV series called "liu yong xia shan dong" which was launched in Beijing. Story about the qianlong dynasty to the governor of shandong province rich Thai for selfish, borrow the machine, as tribute in shandong dozen granary hole, Liu Yongfeng purport to shandong pro to check the case, the story of qing statutes and carry. Ice reinterprets the theme of ancient costume, how will the audience feel different? Asian crime drama starring Ice Sins "Is about to meet you, and Ice plays" Wu Wen "Xuan", try multifaceted complex "original sin" design, vivid interpretation of "sin" behind the psychological activities, looking forward to Ice's two excellent works.

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