Not everyone has a chance to talk to tong liu face to face about new books, but you can! (including benefits)

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It's been years since we parted, and we're now parted from the bar at the same time. Ill wait for you in the future "" YesterdayOnceMore "Later, Tong Liu The new book "don't be that stray migratory bird" to re-write the workplace, not only to every struggling in the tide of The Times of migratory birds in the workplace, but also to work hard for 18 years, is still moving forward.

Tong Liu said: "if essays and novels are about me in life, this work book is 100 percent about me at work."

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Tong Liu don't be that stray migratory bird

Meeting & amp; signings

Zhengzhou station

Date: December 1, 2018 & NBSP; & have spent Saturday & have spent PM

Location: zhengzhou book center (xitaikang road)

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About Tong Liu,

  • The young writer

  • Vice President of enlight pictures

  • In 1999, he was admitted to the Chinese department of hunan normal university

  • In 2001, I worked as an intern in the editor-in-chief office of hunan TV station

  • Joined hunan TV entertainment channel in 2003

  • Joined hunan economic TV station in 2004

  • Since 2005, I have been working in optical media. I have been the producer of Chinese entertainment report, entertainment live, best live, is it true and other TV programs Guang Ren Vice President of cable pictures

  • The permanent guest of the large-scale job-hunting program "job to job" and "hello, interviewer"

  • YesterdayOnceMore? YesterdayOnceMore? YesterdayOnceMore? YesterdayOnceMore

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Introduce new book

There is such a new group of people in the workplace, they follow the tide of study, job hunting, entering the big city, in the key decade of life, do not want to miss every opportunity, like a flock of migratory birds, trying to keep up with every warm and cold migration, constantly flying forward. However, unconsciously, many people have lost their way, find no direction, no way, no motivation. Slowly, I don't know what I like, what I can do, how well I can do. I am always on the move. In the end, what I am mature is only my appearance, but my heart is still anxious.

In this book, Tong Liu believes that everyone has a "critical decade" in his life. According to his career trajectory, Tong Liu proposed the law of "3232" and divided the "critical decade" into four stages, namely the life planning period (3 years). Adjustment period (2 years); Workplace purgatory (3 years); Breakthrough period (2 years). And from the four stages choose more than 50 difficult problems around the past confused, one by one to answer. "3232" is about thinking about life, career and the workplace, not about how much time you spend on a particular job. So, as long as you are willing to think and act, the earlier you start, the faster you will grow. Slowly, you will find that whether you can work or not, in fact, has nothing to do with a person's age and seniority, a 37-year-old person, the ability to work is not necessarily better than a 20-year-old person. Everyone has to go through these four stages of the career in order. They can't be crossed over or avoided.

If someone else can do a job they love, so can you!

Benefits to the

Tong Liu 2018 new workplace core force "don't be that stray migratory bird" signing will be inDecember 1 (Saturday) at 2:00 PM in zhengzhou city west taikang zhengzhou book centerBe held. As the "special invited media" of zhengzhou xinhua bookstore, "star relationship" entered the sharing meeting with Tong Liu face to face.

We will invite15 readers as "media observers"I can not only listen to Tong Liu's career perception, but also talk with him directly. This opportunity is not for everyone!

Participate in the way

Please follow the "star relationship" WeChat public number, write down in the message area: Tong Liu in your eyes and the book he wrote, as of 17 o 'clock on November 28th, the children's shoes whose message is placed on the top will get the quota of the meeting.

Matters needing attention: please send your name and contact information to the WeChat background of "star relationship" before 17:00 on 29th. We will tell you the specific time and place. If you delay, you will be deemed to have given up automatically.

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Do not get "media observer" status of children's shoes, also do not feel sad! Tong Liu sign sale activity is open to the public, free participation! We could meet Tong Liu face to face. In addition, in zhengzhou book center shop to buy Tong Liu books shoes, signed the day there are limited posters, exclusive drinks, limited bracelets, special commemorative badges and other zhengzhou station exclusive benefits for you to take! (click to viewSpecific participation mode)

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Don't be that stray migratory bird.

Everyone has a key decade that they can't get around.

Don't let you ten years later, just ten years older.

Don't let yourself mature only appearance, the heart is still anxious.

Open this book and immediately learn the secrets of the law of workplace 3232.

Out of 52 workplace puzzles, there's always one that can help you.

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