Welfare 丨 Tong Liu autographs a new book,' I'll wait for you in the future, 'wait for your pro Kai!

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When "36-year-old" meets "you 17"

What's your relationship?

You will complain or encouraged, believe or suspect?

Tong Liu, 36, took this question for nearly 300 days and wrote "I'll wait for you in the future."

In the book, he is 17 years old himself named Liu Dazhi. 36-year-old called Hao returned.

36-year-old Hao return and 17-year-old Liu Dazhi in the space-time dialogue in the paper, chatting, satirical, sarcastic, rebellious.

Of course, also talked a lot of youth secrets.

And a handwritten letter awaiting the opening of Liu Dazhi.

 Tong Liu 亲笔信

On December 2, Tong Liu came to the Echo Hall of the Zhongyuan Book Building in Zhengzhou to meet with the readers in Henan and share the story of the new book.

Although the day's temperature is not high, but the enthusiasm of the readers is very high, there is still an hour or two from the beginning of the signing ceremony, outside the team have been routed to People outside, anxious and anxious readers meet Liu Tong anxious Probing, waiting, expecting the appearance of Tong Liu ......

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

Tong Liu said thanks to too many people on the day that the signing ceremony lasted more than five hours. Many thanks to all the readers who have signed up for the sale, for a short period of time, only having a quick laugh, holding hands, and short Express thankfulness. Maybe we wait for this moment to wait for a long time, so in the face of the routine, I also find it interesting. Thank you every time it takes a long time to line up, thank you for letting me sign up each time to become much more interesting.

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

Interesting not only readers, but also Tong Liu friends deep surprise coming out and join, signed book site, the two were a song, simply do not be too happy.

 Tong Liu 郑州签书会

Writer @ Ogawa judge Tong Liu's new book: I like Tong Liu's "I am waiting for you in the future," which is not only his youth story, and he was on more than one step writing style, with his layout Ability, I saw him in addition to hard work, ten years of writing toughness.

Quote @ Ogawa's evaluation:

36-year-old Hao return, are not satisfied with all their current situation, he did not even thought about, if can live again, how his life will look like, but is in such a depressed situation, he was confused Crossing, this time he did not become the same as the traditional tragedy into the past, but "met" 17-year-old himself, then he has not changed his name, called Liu Dazhi.

Logically speaking, when you understand what life experiences, you actually have the power to change your past, but now you are not you, you become the observer of your life, your own destiny chooses the teacher at the junction, and you save yourself that person.

However, do not choose that you think the wrong path, the road after the right?

Do not go through those detours and setbacks, is it really a better life?

On this road of self-change, both Liu Dazhi in the past and the return of the future have found their own answers.

Some changes have taken place in their lives, but the one who changes oneself is not the future or the past, but the original self in the heart.


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