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Tong Liu


  • Male
  • Pisces
  • 178
  • 1981-02-27
  • China
Tong Liu, born on February 27, 1981 in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, graduated from the Chinese Department of Hunan Normal University, a media artist and a young writer. Currently, he is the vice president of Light Film. In June 2014, Tong Liu published his work "Your Loneliness is Vulnerable and Outstanding", and won the first prize of 2014 non-fiction books in 2014 and the book "Our Wisdom" in Amazon 2014 book, with 18 million years The royalties were again enlisted in the Ninth Chinese Writer List in 2014, ranking the top four and won the two awards of "Best Sellers of the Year" and "Best Inspirational Book of the Year". CCTV two observation news programs, "your loneliness, victorious defeat" and "Jiang Xin language" "Wolf Totem" "alive" as one of the 2014 National Reading one of the four books. In October, China's largest student community website Renren surveyed the reading habits of post-90s students. Tong Liu ranked second in the ranks of most post-90s college students, and was responsible for the distribution and production of light films. In the same year, he was the film's " You at the same table "and other film producers. 2012 published works "Whose youth is not confused," with 7.5 million copies of the Chinese rich list of fourteenth. At the same time the book won the "Amazon Reader Choice Award - We Moved" "Chinese Writers list the best inspirational book" "2013 Sina China Book reading the most talented book award" "Southern Book Festival top ten books top1" and so on honor. On April 22, 2016, the film "Whose Youth Are Not Confused" was adapted from the same title by Tong Liu; in April, the company "Going Bright" was formally listed; and six months later, "Going Bright" was listed in Taiwan . On October 20, Tong Liu won the 2016 Netease Fashion Crossing Ceremony Annual Cross-Bound Creator Award.

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