Memories kill the highest state! the cast of “qingshenshenyumengmeng” and “pearl return” were all moved to tears by leo ku."

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Star connection September 17Recently, the love song king Leo Ku He joined the city of unreal as a singer and director. In this episode,Leo Kuis reunited with his old friends. Qingshenshenyumengmeng "Er hao" in Xin Gao 18 years later, with the frame, together interpretation of the tear-inducing plot! Written and directed by Leo Ku, performed and sang by himself. See you later "By virtue of fine acting received unlimited praise:" the tear gas from shuhuan has been received!" ", "I want to wipe tears for him across the screen!"

"See you later" is based on the true experience of Leo Ku. After the show was broadcast,Leo Kurevealed on the social platform that the creation was based on the separation of friendship, because one of his friends who had not seen for many years died suddenly on a trip.

In addition to helping Leo Ku's fantasy creation, kizai's good friend "five brothers" Alec Su ", also posted on weibo to cheer him up, also funny with du fei's emoji package, said "this time I stood on the book huan."Alec Suwas mocked on the Internet for "using his own emoji bag, which is also 66." But Leo Ku" Princess of Pearl 3 The old partner in "know the painting", the white moon in the audience's mind "the empress of watsa" Qin Lan Also for the foundation son's emotional masterpiece crazy hit: "moved tears... Kiko is so good at directing and acting by himself. He can play with his talent based on his physical level. How about that?"

Leo Ku has been bringing infinite surprise to the audience in a unique way. This trip of unreal music not only brings the works of walking the heart, but also hits the memoirs of countless netizens. In the face of this full of youthful memories, mumeng tears stopped?

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