Leo ku' first heart: be a robotman guarding first heart

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Linkeddb News October 22& have spent Big boy Leo Ku He's been trying to incorporate more of his favorite games, anime, robots in his music creation, the new song" First heart "Doesn't sound like anything to do with these things at first, but in Leo Ku's understanding, it's still possible to make such a heart-breaking song so closely related to these novel elements that his music is full of energy.

Leo Ku's "First heart" is not only a childhood dream, but also a constant effort after growing up. Like the album cover, it equips itself with powerful robots to guard the dream and achieve the pure desire in the heart of the young. "It's not hard to make a big wish, but you still have faith after a crash". Leo Ku sang this song "First heart", which seems to be a deep conversation with his past self. He told his past "me" that he would keep working hard in the future and keep this First heart forever.

Leo Ku's voice is a little delicate by nature, and his music has long been known for capturing the emotions of his listeners so that they can empathize. When he opens his voice, the soulful voice immediately flows into the listener's heart. First heart, an inspirational song of healing, is more like an authentic Hong Kong love song under his interpretation. This love song is not about love, but about giving back and moving to the past. Although it is a pop music, the arrangement of the songs is more symphonic and progressive, with a sense of hierarchy. At the end of the song, a "glint of scar" stops the song in a rush, leaving it to linger.

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"I decide who I am. I am not ashamed of the violation of ideal and reality." If you just watch the lyrics of "First heart", you may not see any other mystery except that the song is emotionally provocative. However, the song must be accompanied by the MV to truly understand the meaning of the word "First heart". In the video, directed and performed by Leo Ku, "First heart" has another identity. In addition to the younger "First heart" expressed in the lyrics, it is also a robot named "First heart". In the retro, yellowing footage, a worker named aki develops a robot alone in a garage, a dream he had as a child but had to shelve because of reality. As he struggled with exhaustion, he found that his inner First heart was the ideal he should hold on to, so he recovered the emotion and built the robot named First heart. Arm yourself with it and guard First heart with "First heart." The album cover sitting in the robot, as well as the music video full of mecha dreams, made the song "First heart" more interesting and turned the lyrics, which seemed to be applicable to everyone, into private music only belonging to Leo Ku.

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In gradually cooler temperatures of season, everything on the earth appears to "sleep" ready, Leo Ku's new song "First heart like a warm light in the cold wind, and break the cold, catch cold warm interlaced finally a warm in autumn, and turns into a" machine "guardian First heart protect innocent Leo Ku, deserves to be better to listen to.

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