Leo ku' first heart 'online mandarin video focuses on the dreams of the underclass

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Linkeddb News October 11Recently, Leo Ku " First heart "Mandarin version and MV formal warm heart line. This song is unique, lyrical shell is under the core of inspiration. "It's not hard to make a big wish, but it's hard to believe in a crash..." The song is composed by Leo Ku. The lyrical and warm style, coupled with the lyrics of healing and inspiration, conveys the power of warming people's hearts.

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 Leo Ku mandarin single "First heart" and the music video release of the cure department of lyrics to convey the philosophy of life

The music video of First heart, directed by Leo Ku, tells the story of a worker who learns his childhood robot dream and develops a robot in the garage. The story starts from the perspective of the little people, and focuses on the dreams, dreams and struggles of the underclass.

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In the real world, the most important thing is to keep your heart bare: to remain faithful after a crash, disappointed but not bereft. Even if the scars, but also for the heart of the brilliant light and go! The world is big and the road is long. The most difficult thing is to keep the First heart.

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