The TV drama 'Married Daughter of the Sea' Bing He What is the ending of the ice? Bing He is the ice ending with White?

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Bing He what the outcome is ice? Bing He outcomes ice and with whom? And white together?

Bing He Bing He is the daughter of Michiyo Ho Ching. After 90 years of adventurousness, hot character and unrestrained spirit.

Bing He repented and made Michiyo Ho, a powerful player, very angry and angrily flew to Brazil .

With the help of enthusiastic man Shen Fangzhou, the daughter who had successfully fled the marriage returned to Shanghai and tried to arrange marriage with the vice president of his company. However, contrary to what happened, regardless of how Michiyo Ho Qing and his family persuaded, Bing Bing made up its mind to break the control and bondage of the mother for many years, and did not marry Xiaobai. Michiyo Ho Qing opened the hegemony model and firmly opposed the ice to marry only a few days of acquaintance. In the United States, the mother-daughter relationship is at stake.

After many ups and downs, Bing He and James combined with James, settling in Shanghai, Michiyo Ho and his daughter before the ice release, the family enjoyable.

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