Age of legends' top 10 watch points revealed that more attractive than william chan body is also

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Star connection September 14September, as the school season, is full of blood and youthful vigor. As college freshmen sweat in the military training and training ground, the film and TV drama market is also exciting. The Age of legends "Will also hit zhejiang satellite TV's China blue theater on April 17. Recently, in William Chan scalpers Ma Sichun Shortly after the autographed photos became widely watched, the comments on zhejiang satellite TV's China blue official account went viral. It turned out that many netizens couldn't stand the long wait for the launch of "Age of legends" on the 17th. They were eager to ask zhejiang satellite TV's China blue to send out a tablet to solve their problems. Zhejiang satellite TV has released a series of scenes featuringWilliam Chanand Ma Sichun, and led fans to climb the wall fromWilliam Chanto liu ziguang (William Chan). To clear the eye with William Chan's body? You're OUT! In the following, Chinese blue will explain for you the reasons whyThe Age of legendshas its own powdery substance from the actors and the story.

William Chan looks even more handsome if he is not handsome

Take note: William Chan's appearance is at the bottom of the scale, and "stealing children" continues into the play.

What are the key words to describe William Chan, the actor playing liu ziguang? Suits, long legs, the national husband If you see "Age of legends" may be disappointed. Because William Chan's looks in the show were so innovative! Finally not handsome his head bubble face head, tattered clothes show muscle, with scar face stubble, with rhinoceros Li Ge There's more to it than that. Another mark of William Chan's character continues on the show - "stealing the children" is on again. The doubt will not be solved until the launch of zhejiang satellite TV on the 17th.

Watch point two: "desperately three niang"Ma Sichunstars as a policewoman in order to fulfill her father's dream.

Ma Sichun, in the play, went up to the mountains and under the sea of fire. She did not blink. According to Ma Sichun's behind-the-scenes interview, this time to play a female policewoman, won a dream of his father, can be capable and aggressive, thanks to the father of the old police do technical guidance.

Third point: Yijun Liu, Painting style changes greatly, "crazy" out of the realm.

Most of the drug dealers in the past have contributed their acting skills to "crazy", but when the heat is not bad, they become a state of their own.Yijun Liu,changed his grace to play the absolute opposite of a power attracts eyeball, he from the bone is nie wanfeng.

Point four: Sebrina Chen, The fancy "hug"William Chanis an eyesore.

Li wan, played by Sebrina Chen, "pasted" security guard liu ziguang regardless of bai fumei's identity. The princess held, one-handed, koala held, boyfriend held, hero rescued the United States hold, crisis and distress still had to hug, body contact ten fingers are not counted, I do not know how many girls began to envy Sebrina Chen.

Point 5:William Chanart quilt Jianyi Li Slanted, this old drama bone is poisonous.

Cast bone level play Jianyi teacher Li as a copy of the "walking machine", to play with people's capability to be reckoned with, even if it is a port of William Chan, meet the garage uncle guo (Jianyi Li), can also be a second into the state of small 2, kebab stand along earth gas, it is no wonder thatWilliam Chanin an interview, heap praise Jianyi teacher Li acting charm.

Zhe wei "Age of legends" shuangwen the plot is very effective and the whole drama brought the movie BGM

Point 6: Age of legends, which tells the story of criminal investigation and anti-drug, has its subject advantage.

In recent years, this kind of theme is scarce. Although there are excellent works, they are far from satisfying the audience's appetite. Moreover the The Heavy case six groups "," DrugWar "," Insomnia ", similar play stable, performance not bad.The Age of legendshas a s-class lineup, which is a major criminal investigation drama that has to be followed this year.

Shuangwen plot interlocking.

Liu ziguang's eight-year blank has become a mystery. He is skilled in using MAX, but the contrast in his life makes people look doubtful. On the other side, nie wanfeng, with eight years of memory of liu ziguang, was also "peeping in the dark". What action would he have? "Age of legends" left the audience with a doubt and a strong sense of suspense.

Point eight: film texture of the creation of "gung-ho."

Fighting, there is no "routines"; The scene of street fighting and street fighting seems to ring the classic Hong Kong drama BGM in a second. The motorbike galloped by, brush a gun to let a person remember more Jackie Chan, " JackieChansPoliceStory "Series. The production of the show highlights the spirit of "" dead heart" ", a bit of no ambiguity, not confusion. Opening the TV series in the way of the movie,The Age of legendsis full of blood.

Watch # 9: the show's handling of the details is original. As a security guard, liu ziguang breaks the stereotype of this profession in film and television sketches. He is using his tall and strong appearance and extraordinary skills to justify the security guard's post of civilian heroes, which is unprecedented in film and television drama.

Watch point 10: ministry of public security thumb up, quality is guaranteed.

Since the release of several sets of materials by zhejiang satellite TV is full of appetite, in the current situation of the suspension drama blossoming everywhere, this drama even got thumb up from the ministry of public security to support, I believe that the performance of "Age of legends" will not be too bad.

Do you want to be a good taste of amway friends and family? Do you want to make the most fiery comments in the friend circle? Would you like to catch a good show with your friends? From September 17, you will come to China blue theater to seeThe Age of legendsevery day at 19:30.

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