Drug War(Movie)[2013]
《Drug War》(Movie)[2013]
Drug War(Movie)[2013]

Drug War (Movie)[2013]

Area: Hong Kong, China | China Language: Mandarin | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2013
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action | Thriller | Drama

《Drug War》Episodes

Zhang Lei, a chief of Jinhai Narcotics Control Unit, successfully completed an undercover task and successfully captured a group of drug traffickers inside the body. However, he met a doctor who was injured in the accident and crashed Cai Tianming. With its keen professional sense of smell, Zhang Lei identified Cai TianMing as suspected of making a poison and found the poisonous dens spot that had been blown into a mess. In the meantime, two anti-drug police guards Guo WeiJun and Chen ShiXiong in Guangdong Province followed the trucks transporting drug materials. Zhang Lei learned that the drug was originally from the big drug dealer Li ZhenBiao and that the receiver was Cai TianMing! In the face of criminal facts, Cai TianMing confessed, for the sake of death, expressed his willingness to assist the police and arrest Li ZhenBiao, wearing criminal merits. Li Lei and Li ZhenBiao drug trafficking gangs headed by Zhang Lei led by Tianjin police officers and Guangdong purchasers posing as a risky competitor. At the same time, they should guard against Cai TianMing's escaping and righteous efforts. In the end, Zhang Lei discovered the secretive secrets of Li ZhenBiao and more closely related to Cai TianMing. Zhang Lei was surprised to find that Cai TianMing might not be his own piece, and perhaps the other side was himself on his chessboard . Did not start a shot, poisonous war has already begun.

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