Age of legends(TV)[2017]
Age of legends(TV)[2017]
Age of legends(TV)[2017]

Age of legends(TV)[2017]

Episode: 47 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: William Chan Sandra Yijun Liu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xin Liu Year: 2017
Genre: Contemporary involved | City | Thriller | Action | Legend

《Age of legends》Episodes

TV series "Age of legends" : tells the story of blood, youth and justiceLiu ZiGuangFor the representative of the young people in the hearts of the king, this point from the dayLiu ZiGuangcame back from eight years left jiangbei. Eight years ago, he was just an ordinary young man who had no choice but to leave. Eight years later, he came back with a lot of vicissitudes and gunsmoke, just want to be an ordinary filial son, but again and again was involved in the flood of society. He became a hero in the hearts of his friends and an idol in the hearts of his youth.Liu ZiGuangmade some achievements through his outstanding skills and talents, and helped his friends to realize their childhood dreams. During this time he met the policewomanHu RongAlthough they are in love with each other, in reality they are in love with each otherNie madeIn the fierce struggle between the leading criminal groups,Liu ZiGuangnot only fought alongsideHu Rongto help the police break up the whole criminal group, but also gained a precious love with Hu Rong.

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