Her debut was appreciated by baogang zhao. she was the only one who did not become popular in struggle. she changed her name three times and was popular with betty sun.

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Career is Baogang Zhao Appreciate, play "struggle" only she didn't red, three times renamed by Betty Sun With the fire

Mention "struggle" this drama, estimate should everybody knows! The inspirational youth TV series directed by Baogang Zhao has also become a hit with many celebrities, such as articles, Yili Ma , Li Xiaolu , Tong Dawei Such as film and television actors. Today we are going to talk about the hero is in "struggle" as the north drift girl. Lulu Gan " Fan Xi Xu .

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Fan Xi Xu, born in 1984 in jilin city, jilin province, graduated from the acting department of Beijing film academy. Fan Xi Xu has been learning dance since she was a child and has been a dancer for many years. The hard experience in her childhood also made her learn to enjoy herself through hardships. Fan Xi Xu is said to have changed her name many times before, to Xu yue, Ruiyang Xu and Xu cuicui. Fan Xi Xu is her fourth name. Fan Xi Xu was appreciated by director Baogang Zhao immediately after her debut. She was the only one who did not become popular after playing struggle. She changed her name three times and was popular with Betty Sun.

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In 2006, Fan Xi Xu was starred in struggle by Baogang Zhao, and officially entered the show business. With the fire of TV series, she also had a lot of resources at the beginning of her career. Most of her performances were wars, with more military materials. In addition, there are no blanket documents on the world, including Lu Yi (actor), Li Xiaoran's Harbin Enveloped in Darkness, Qian Wan, Guangjie Li's bathrobe reporter, and so on. Fan Xi Xu may not be a household name, but the classic role she played on screen accompanied the youth of countless audiences.

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In 2012, the article also asked her to help in the self-directed and self-acted urban emotional drama" Little dad "As teacher ai As a couple playing Huan Liu in the play, he won the best TV couple of the year in Letv TV festival. Although the TV series has gained enough audience's attention, Fan Xi Xu is still not a big hit. More people just remember the character, but do not remember Fan Xi Xu's name.

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Fan Xi Xu made her debut in 2014 in the period drama Mi Yue Biography ". She changed her usual positive image and played Betty Sun's half-sister "mi Yin" fighting for attention and beauty. In addition to her appearance online, her acting skills are even more cracking, which is deeply hated by the audience. This is also the recognition of the actress's performance, and the audience also saw more possibilities in her role. Betty Sun, as a powerful actress, is not productive, but every show is highly rated. Of course, this show is no exception, and there are many actors who have been brought to the fire by Betty Sun, Fan Xi Xu is one of the actors who have been brought to the fire by Betty Sun.

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In fact, Fan Xi Xu has more than ten years of experience in the entertainment industry. She has been steadfast and serious in acting, and she is also a strong person with good acting skills and appearance. Nowadays, Fan Xi Xu often appears on the screen with good works, such as My love hit the war, Liang sheng, can we not be sad and other popular dramas. Do you like her?

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