Hello boy in the back seat' Zhang Haiyu received the movie 'Nice To Meet You

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Director Gu Changwei 's youth nostalgia comedy film " Nice To Meet You " is in the hot show. Zhang Haiyu plays a humorous and humorous image of sports students. It brings a lot of joy to the audience and it also evokes netizens. The collective recall of "back-seat boys" in student time.

"The boy in the back seat" is just like the guy who sits in the back seat of the classroom and often jumps out of the dogma to bind the students to the prank. In an interview with the media, Zhang Haiyu also said: Although such boys are nerves but their hearts are kind and warm, they are also the most memorable existence of youthful memories. Just like the "back-seat boys" made a deep impression on everyone, Xie Lun's appearance was started with the falling of the knife on the back of the table. In the following story, whether it was a stunned look in front of the mirror, or The "square dance performance" that flies her self, Zhang Haiyu interprets this real and cute high school boy just right. In particular, the screen in the film with the zebra kissing is beautiful and funny, so that many viewers “overcome.” Even some netizens gave Xie Lun another nickname “Zebra Prince”.

Although it was the first big screen of electric shock and the first time he played a high school student, Zhang Haiyu’s performance in the film was indeed commendable. Some film critics commented that: From “Qingdao Daxie” to a sports candidate, Zhang Haiyu showed his strong plasticity and also passed Xie Lun’s corner of the film “Meeting You Right”. In the name of a beautiful youth, which life is a living existence.

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