Nice To Meet You'' Shanghai movie show, Haiyu Zhang explained ''Zebra Kiss'' and was praised as ''super dedication

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The film “ Nice To Meet You ” directed by Gu Changwei has attracted attention due to its unique insights on youth since its release, and the heroine Xie Lun, played by Haiyu Zhang , has become more like every girl in school. The naughty boy behind him was called by the majority of netizens as “boys in the back seat”. Yesterday, "Nice To Meet You" held a mini-media show in Shanghai. Haiyu Zhang, the "boy in the back seat," was even more pleasantly surprised and interacted closely with the Shanghai media.

It is reported that "Nice To Meet You" is Haiyu Zhang's big screen debut. He plays occasional pranks occasionally affectionately reread high school sports student Xie Lun, and Zhou Xiao Chu played Zhou Xiaochu as a pair of free and easy. The "preferential abuse of you" CP that dared to act as a dare, brought everyone a story of laughter and tears.

Haiyu Zhang even revealed on the scene that he had contributed a lot of “first time” in Gu’s movie. Not only did he experience diving, long-distance running, being chased by dogs, and dancing in the square, he even contributed. Your own big screen first kiss. However, the first kiss of the back seat boy is not a front row girl but a real zebra. In order to present the aesthetic lens in the movie, Haiyu Zhang risked being struck by horses and strived for perfection. Eventually, he got a picture that was both satisfactory and satisfactory. Its professionalism and professionalism are evident.

Haiyu Zhang, who has quickly become popular, has been working as a new generation comedy "popular king." The new show has just been established, and new works are also being hit. It is reported that Haiyu Zhang felt the non-stop feeling of Shanghai after ending the four-day drama “Under the Water”. He was even more frank and said that he has different feelings for the city of Shanghai and hopes to bring more. Better works to meet everyone.

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