Haiyu Zhang “Nice Nice to Meet You” Roadshow in Nanjing “Hami” can't hide a love scene

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Directed by Gu Changwei, starring Hongming Luo , Lyrics , Haiyu Zhang , Zhou Chuchu , Ming Fan and Wenli Jiang 's romantic comedy film " Nice To Meet You " will be released nationwide on March 29th. On March 21st, director Gu Changwei starred in Hainan Zhang, Zhou Chuchu, and others in Nanjing. They interacted enthusiastically with fans.

"Nice To Meet You" was Haiyu Zhang's first electrocution on the big screen. He played a humorous naughty sports student, Xie Lun, and Zhou Xiao Chu, who was played by Zhou Chuchu, made a pair of free-spirited and courageous. The "preferential abuse of you" CP has brought us a story of laughter and tears. In this video, the viewers also praised Haiyu Zhang's performance in the film. They all expressed that they were like watching the youth silhouette of their own students. They are very much a sense of substitution and have many feelings. In the meeting after the show, the director Gu Changwei not only embodied the red line for the fans and encouraged all audiences to meet and bravely express, but Haiyu Zhang's fan, a college student “Hami”, took advantage of the opportunity to take a bold step on stage. Express idols and make the whole scene romantic and loving.

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