Jiarong lv executive sword' justice end! punish evil for the law and abandon the law.

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Star news: by the supreme people's court executive board planning, supervision, director Mr. Directed, Cheng Peng As a producer, Jiarong Lv , Kai Tan The first system of the leading actor reflects the urban judicial drama of the people's court's implementation work. Executive Sword The finale last night. According to CSM national network data, cctv-8Executive Swordhas topped the ratings for many times. On the eve of the closing ceremony on the 14th, its real-time rating peaked at 2, ranking first in the country and becoming a high-profile hot drama of quality.Jiarong Lvplays zuo Lin, an executive judge, both in acting and in line. She is calm and clear-thinking when dealing with emotional and legal issues, making the judge a very vivid character with numerous fans.

To uphold fairness and justice in the face of extralegal circumstances

Jiarong Lv's executive judge zuo Lin, as the soul of the play, never forgets the principle of "impartially enforcing the law" when facing the choice between family affection and national law, justice and emotion. Zheng Huaishan in drama as a bacc the holding legal counsel, but take the law as their arms, obstruction of justice, legal loophole fabricated evidence, even the closest people beside him was to expose the ugly side of ZuoLin still believe in the power of the law, justice will eventually bring the light, eventually wave cut "emotion between teachers and students", planted Zheng Huaishan back, let it be of the law.Jiarong Lvnot only paid attention to her role as zuo Lin, but also experienced deeply. In her opinion, as an executive judge,Jiarong Lvmust set an example by putting aside her personal feelings and always stand on the side of the people.

Tree of justice temper law enforcement of the mountain of judicial character

ZuoLin is a from beginning to end to stick to the position of justice, firmly believe that "god's mill grinds slow but sure", is to do things for the people, for the national implementation of the judge, when she realized that her "spy" is in the team, her courage, the wind turn artful design lead in ghost appeared, eventually to hide himself a team "spy" to pull out, although a betrayal of partners deeply saddened, but she still is dealt with in accordance with the law, establish the justice character of real law.

Jiarong Lv is understood to have been cast in the TV series Beauties Princess lu yuan in the series and the blue phoenix in Swordsman were recognized by the audience, and became popular through the TV series. However, theExecutive SwordisJiarong Lvfirst deduce the court dramas, wearing the uniform of the judge, she body sending out the justice, in the film, and her wonderful interpretation of the ZuoLin hold very in place, the role of is the soul of the role playing, acting by the industry and audience recognition, believe that the future ofJiarong Lvin the actor this road will be more and more broad.

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