Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Ruby Lin Ruby Lin Sammul Chan Kin-Fung More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jinyuan Wu Guohua Chen Year: 2010
Writer: Zheng Yu Genre: Costume | Court
Producer: Zheng Yu


"Beauties" tells the story of the early Western Han Dynasty, Changan singer Dou Yi room on the eve of the wedding met Lu was forced to persecute the prince Liu Heng, she fiancee fiance used to save him out of the city, leading to his husband Manchu copied cut, he was sent to the palace In the slave. She designed to give Wang's life's son to Lu's granddaughter - Wang Yan, who admired her talents and sent her to surrogate Liu Heng for surrogacy. For the common people no longer suffer, but also for her more trust in her, Yi Fang proposed Liu Heng to repair the secret palace in the name of training, so that everyone thinks she is a calamity. Only Liu Heng has always believed her and sealed, the couple passed one after another difficult, and finally accomplish great things. The mother of the world, she found that the power at the same time the feelings are gradually gone, and her efforts to restore her husband's heart, to prevent sons from killing each other, use of women's unique approach to resolve the crisis again and again, and for the Western Han Dynasty founded the history On the famous Wenjingzhi. Her name is also included in the annals of history, for future generations to be praised.

Plot Summary>>

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