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Kai Tan

Kai Tan


  • Male
  • Capricorn
  • 178
  • 1972-01-12
  • Qingdao, China
Kai Tan, born January 13, 1972 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China Mainland actor. In 1996 graduated from the Central Academy of Drama Department of dance. After graduating from college, in the "Beijing Youth Daily" engaged in advertising design work. In 2002, due to the drama "bitter cauliflower" and entered the showbiz. In 2004, directed by Tsui Hark martial arts TV series "seven swords under the Tianshan Mountains" as fled. In 2009, participating in the first movie "dragon matchup." 2010, due to the TV drama "myth" Xiang Yu corner of the audience are well known. In 2012, with the movie "Tornado Commander Han Xian Chu" won the movie Lily Award outstanding actor. In 2014, he played a role in the drama "Jin Yu Yao". In 2015, the male No. 2 "Ying Hui" was played in "Why Sheng Xiao Mo" broadcast by Oriental Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV. In the same year, participating Huang Xiaoming starred in the movie "Datang Xuan Zang." In 2016, joining the Lai Shui-ching, directed by Zhao Jian's epic drama "heavy ear", as Jin Xiangong.

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