Ruyi's royal love in the palace' this is a bit handsome, and the performance of the original voice voice and delicate and evil charm reverts to the top.

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Star connection September 14The controversial "Ruyi 's Royal Love along with the advancement of the plot" in the Palace "began in earnest, the plot of a progressive transformation contexts, harem concubines beauties in dinner conversation, as the harem male role Settings also attracted everybody discussion, especially into the alliance wan zhong wei 嬿 video segments of the cut, causing a net friend call: the loyal good handsome, hurt me!

Wei yanyan wanjinzhong alliance and mutual support advanced purposes clear

Wei yanywan (Chun Li) is tormented by her single-minded motives in the imperial palace, while she has a disinterested heart for her devoted followers (Xueming Jiang). Coincidentally, the two have an alliance. Jin zhong promised to help yan wan to be on the top position, with conditions as replacement. If you don't, you follow him into loyalty and feed him.

Taking advantage of the advantages of jin zhong around the emperor and his strategies, wei yan wan succeeded in being canonized by the emperor as a promise and promoted to a noble person, laying the foundation for her mutual support and advancement.

In Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, wei yanyan wan said, "I beg you to Love me, my father-in-law. After Li Yu (director) and Yun Ling chiu, it was a little late, but it also captured the hearts of many female fans.

The harem male character is a little handsome

Although jin zhong's appearance level is not very outstanding, but from his sense of ruffianly and "ugly handsome" appearance, the delicate and evil charm of the performance form and the original voice dubbing of the role in the play, with the unique charm of the performance made users can not help but like him, said in succession: this jin zhong handsome!

When the character of jin zhong appears to the public, his body is less greasy and smooth, giving the public more direct sense of purpose.

In Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, the original voice of Xueming Jiang with a bit of Beijing accent, coupled with the delicate sense of evil charm in the characters of Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, is indeed a reverse success.

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