Four young men' koala liu subverts play video short drama put on city, such as yizhuan

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Linkeddb News November 21"Angel voice" Koala Liu "Jailbird," an adaptation of the Chinese hip-hop genre known as the general's command, has just been released as a surprise to many Internet users.

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Friends are amazing and "angel voice" is a terrier girl

Has always been to "voice of an angel" "French chansons" Koala impress everyone beautiful song singer Liu, the cross-border challenges, made a Koala "actor Liu", oneself after operation of online traffic radio "second generation" of Liu upgrade become short, showed a city girl unknown ghost horse, Koala Liu also said confident bring unexpected performance.

In this short drama, Koala Liu invited two friends to help her. Haoyu Chen , network video redskins Sun "Koala Liu laughed at her friends' excellent performance, saying that" they play too much and totally beat me ", which also made people feel the good feelings of three people.

Break through the gorgeous northeast cavity collision soft cutesy tone

& have spent & have spent The day before the shooting, Koala Liu was fully prepared for "electrocuted film and television". She memorized the script and rehearsed many times in advance. However, when she stood in front of the camera, she could not help being nervous.

& have spent & have spent Need to plot, has been in bad direct modification of Koala Liu need to take a life when in short but have wine with meat terrier "four haves" youth of friends, and to show "luxuriant DongBeiQiang" and "soft meng jiao dia" two character, tie-in "consort shu" Haoyu Chen and the "king trill traffic" Sun presents a modern version of the "city such as taken". It's a lot to look forward to.

& have spent & have spent "Erliu's generation micro theater" will start every Wednesday and Friday at the seed music official microblog starting from November 21, please look forward to it! & have spent & have spent

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